Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, November 3, 2014

Adam's MTC week! Lotsa pictures from a sentimental mom

Counting down to MTC day...

If you just want to see pictures of MTC day, go to the bottom. :)

A sunny day at Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square with Adam and Mom and Dad 

Adam has loved the temple for a long time, and he went regularly to do baptisms for the dead, bringing along friends and siblings. This day he wanted to do a session at the Salt Lake Temple with his Mom and Dad. I loved walking around Temple Square on a gorgeous fall day, soaking in our son.
Surprise, surprise, Adam actually brought his camera!  (For much of his life he despised pictures.) He and I noticed someone who looked like a professional photographer who found this fun little angle of the Salt Lake Temple among fall leaves, so when she was done, we took her place and copied her. We liked it too!  

This painter, Joseph Brickey, is one of our favorite artists. He is the son our BYU family ward bishop when Adam was a baby. Adam was born when Mike and I finished our bachelor degrees together and Mike started law school. A funny thing about Adam is that while I was in labor with him, the big white "Y" on the mountain was on fire. Adam jokes that he lit it on fire so he could come into the world with a bang. 

Adam has been taking organ lessons in the basement of the Assembly Hall on Temple Square from Bonnie Goodliffe, a Tabernacle Choir organist. 

Inside the beautiful Assembly Hall.

Adam played piano at a rest home one last time. They LOVE him there! 

Adam's Eagle Scout project was organizing a bunch of people to play various instruments and sing on a regular basis for a rest home. Once his project was done, Adam was told he wasn't allowed to be done!  He has come every month since then. 

Adam also chats with the residents and helps wheel them back to their room. The most amazing thing happened a month before this. I went to watch Adam and he forgot to bring any sheet music. I felt a little concerned. He played the entire concert for the audience just fine without any sheet music!  He even played requests that he had never played before!  I was amazed.  

This mom is one big fan of the pianist! 

Other stuff. 

Adam's favorite spot to check email and Facebook.  Next to my desk in my bedroom is a small desk that Adam has used for his studies for the past several years. Our family rule is that to be on the internet, a child must be in the same room as other people. So this spot works out well. My room seems to be a favorite hang-out spot for studying, wrestling, pillow fights, chatting, giggling, you name it. As I type this I'm looking at that little desk, with Adam's laptop shut right where he left it, and now gathering a little dust, even though Adam has only been gone five days. It has some Bach organ CD's and a stack of family temple names on top. I miss that boy. Sigh...

Let's take family portraits!

Adam's niece Zia is his favorite little buddy. She loves to play piano too! 

Zia sure likes her Uncle Adam.

Time to pack!

About ten days before Adam left I really wanted to put our  whole life in a box and set it aside -- my seminary teaching, Mike's work and bishoping, the kids' schoolwork and lessons and groups, so we could just be together as a family and soak in Adam. So you can imagine I jumped at every chance I could get to help with things like packing or shopping or anything to spend time with Adam. He teases me because I don't know how to pack without using a bunch of Ziplocks. It's true.
Mike and Adam's two brothers wanted to be with him while he packed. 

Adam created a binder for his favorite holy music. He is hoping to be able to use his piano and organ talents to serve others in his mission. And he is really hoping to get to play some really old, beautiful pipe organs in France.  If his dream comes true, with his binder he'll be ready!  Actually he doesn't really need any sheet music. He can rock any piano or organ without looking at any music. And he loves to improvise and play by ear. It's really fun to watch him. 

I thought it was cute how Adam packed his ties, all rolled up inside his new shoes. I nicely suggested he find another place to pack them for the flight to France. He doesn't want all his ties to have boy's stinky shoe smell once he arrives! 

One thing I adore about Adam is all the little notes he posts all over his room - reminders, goals, commitments, his personal mission statement, and favorite quotes or scriptures. I think it's adorable. I'm so glad he didn't take those down when he left. I haven't had the guts to go sit in his room yet and soak him up, but I'm sure I will one of these days. I'll bring some Kleenex. By the way, the "Who's Your Hero" poster behind Adam is a picture of Abinadi, who is a Book of Mormon prophet. 

The day before MTC day...

One more soccer game with Adam's little brother. Frost never stopped these two soccer fans! 

Adam disassembled and put away the two soccer goals that are out in the yard most of the year because Adam loves to play soccer. 

Gotta bug the little brothers while Adam can!

One of Adam's chores is to empty the trash can and recycling can under my desk. He wanted to do it one last time for me. 

My sweet friend Monica brought over the cutest gift ever! 

It's a Missionary Mom Survival Kit

The contents are listed below. I wore this watch to the MTC and I kept wearing it after as a token of Monica's love and support, and to remember this sacred day. 

Tissues: to dry your tears
Chocolate: to give you comfort (I ate almost the whole Symphony bar the next day) 
Watch: remember he's on the Lord's time! He'll be watched over
Band-aids: to heal your broken heart 
Game: to keep your mind off missing him 
Stars: to remember that you're under the same sky
Gum: Be proud! He is "chews"ing the right and serving the Lord! 

Adam outgrew his mission shoes (and running shoes) since we bought them six weeks ago!  Off we go to trade sizes...

I recommend Holmes Clothing in Ogden, Utah to anyone sending off a missionary! They were great to let us trade for a bigger shoe size. 

Add caption

Buying a few last minute things at Walmart. This is Adam telling me he is DONE with my picture taking that's been a bit obsessive lately! You can understand why I've been overboard with pictures, right??

Last dinner before the mission 

Adam LOVES Famous Dave's. 

I was sad that Adam's younger sister couldn't join us because she didn't feel well. His older sister couldn't either with her cute little family as they were busy with college and work. There is something in a mother's heart that really likes it when all her kiddos are together. 

Adam getting set apart as a missionary

Adam's grandparents came to support this special event. 

We love our wonderful stake presidency. 

Grandma Georgia requested that Adam play a song for her. He played a hymn. Then I told her that Adam plays a great rendition of David Archuletta's song "Glorious" that plays at the end of Meet the Mormons movie. He just sat down and played it by ear. I'm so glad I video taped him playing this for his grandma! 

Wow, Adam is an official missionary now! 

The morning of MTC day

I think Adam looks great in his new grey suit. 

I had to sneak this picture of Adam getting into the van to leave our home for the last time in two years. He's annoyed at all my pictures, but I'm still not done taking them!  Last night he said, "Mom, please tell me you're not going to take any pictures tomorrow. I don't think I can take it any more!"  Ha ha ha!  What was he thinking??

Mike is really going to miss Adam's shoulder rubs! I loved sitting next to Adam for most of the ride down to Utah County, while our driver's permit daughter drove next to Dad. 

Lunch with the whole family 

We met Malia, Austin, and Zia at Apollo Burger for a family lunch first. Adam has a special place in his heart for "Cute little Z-ster."  

Malia made Adam a handmade quilt for his mission! She is gifted with sewing, quilting, and crafting!

Apollo Burgers are yummo.

Adam sat next to Zia, entertaining her and helping her eat lunch. 

I love our family!!! 

Adam actually gave me permission to take this picture! 

Taking pictures at the Provo Temple grounds  

Beautiful day. I love every person in this precious picture. 

Adam with his only niece Zia. 

Adam with one of his twin 12-year-old brothers. 
Adam with the other twin 12-year-old brother. 

Adam with his 15-year-old sister.
Adam with Malia, who is finishing up her sign language degree at UVU and is expecting baby girl number two this spring! 

Adam with two very proud and sentimental parents. 

Adam carrying Zia back to the car. 

For some reason I like pictures like this. Capturing the moment of watching my family with my heart filled with love.

Saying goodbye on the curb by the Provo Temple. 

Saying goodbye to Zia. 

Saying goodbye to Dad.

Saying goodbye to Mom. Awe man, this picture brings it all back...

Zia giving one last kiss to Adam!

Dropping Adam off at the MTC Curb 

We pulled up to the furthest away curb. Number 25. 

Mike and Adam pulling out luggage. I didn't think we were allowed to hug him there or take more family pics, so I thought this was the best I could get. 

To our surprise, our little helper missionary Elder offered to take a family picture!  Hooray for us!  We each gave him one more hug. I gave him two. 

Our helper Elder was great. Very upbeat and positive. A blessing for Adam, who was doing well holding it all together and didn't cry, but he may have wanted to a little. 

I stood there watching my beautiful oldest son walk away with his beautiful new suit and luggage, walking off to serve the Lord whom he loves with his whole heart.   

Up to that moment I had stayed pretty upbeat and excited for Adam, amidst a few tears here and there. But after watching him walk away, when I couldn't see him any longer, I completely lost it. Good thing Mike was right there to hold me. 

The ride home was quiet and melancholy. 

So Mike announced that he must tell a Silly Mukdeegee story! Since our kids were young, Mike has told delightful stories about this villain and the heroes are always the princes and princesses of the kingdom of Edwardia. This story was about Silly Mukdeegee trying to capture Adam at the MTC, even poisoning his blueberry pie in the cafeteria!  But Adam and his new mission companion saved the day. It felt great to laugh again. 

Tender mercies from God for a sentimental mom 

We stopped at a Seagull Book store on our way home from the MTC. These two nice ladies overheard us talking about Adam, and noticed we were all dressed up on a Wednesday. The woman in the middle asked if we had just taken a missionary to the MTC. I said that yes we had. She was super, duper compassionate, validating, and sweet. I felt very nurtured and I made a new friend that day!

A missionary quote book from Mom...where is that thing, anyway?  

I'm a quote collector. Over the years inspiring quotes have brought me a lot of strength, comfort, and guidance when I needed it. So I made a little quote book for Adam to take on his mission. The funny thing is, it got lost in his room while we were packing. I finally found it, so I get to mail it in a package...maybe with some candy! 

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