Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 28, 2015 - Christmas pics and short video messages

yayyy our great Christmas tree by the Edwards family

a Catholic Church we tried to visit today--didn't work; we couldn;t play the organ, apparently at least in this city, it's hard to get organs played on spontaneous visits. Haha it's funny; you hear about so many organs in France, and I just kind of assumed it would be super easy just to walk in and try and play it, but that hasn't worked so far. Sorry everyone, I probably won't get a lot of that done in my mission, because you need to coordinate it with the person in charge of the church as well as musician(s) there. Oh well, it was still cool to see. 





Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dec. 21, 2015 - Merry Christmas, dear sweet Family! :)

Okay so we got to go see a French Catholic organ, we didn't get to
play it but we still got to go by and we will try another time!

Thank you soooo much for your great emaiLs Mom and Dad! I love you so
much. You are the best. I have received all four of the packages. I
will open the two from home right away. :) :) :)

It was a great week,we were able to have a great Christmas party on
Saturday and we met a great guy who speaks Spanish there. We also were
able to see Charles and his wife come by there. So that is great. Fun
times. We did a fun skit and it involved shooting each other with nerf
guns. :) that wasn't all don't worry. But yeah. We also had a great
day at church, lots of fun.

Other than that, I have been learning that
1. I need to turn to God--doing this rather than getting frustrated or
confused helps me keep my head clear and it just feels so much better.
I feel direction in my life and it is so good!
2. Focus on missionary work helps me return to what's important

I just love you guys a lot. Please think of Jesus and Heavenly Father.
I hope this week is great for you all! I am loving the ribbon for
Christmas, I have been reading it that was the one thing I took out of
the packages. I will look in them now. But I testify this work is
true. All the doctrine is true and the more I talk to people Nd think
and ask and study it out, the less other ideas and organizations make
sense Nd the more the
Church does.

I testify that Christ came to conquer our sins, and that we will stand
one day as conquerors of evil Wth Christ if we remain worthy and
repent of or sins. He will deliver us at the last day. He will reign
in force on this Earth, "and the Glory the Glory of the Lord shall be
revealed, and all flesh shall see it together."

No power, no evil purpose, no misguided intention, no evil person can
stop the work of God. And it shall roll forth until the day the great
Jehovah, Jesus Christ, says, the work is done.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Skype will probably be done through FaceTime or google plus. I will be
available about 4 or 5PM, so yeah. Love you and looking forward to the
calls! Have. Great
Christmas everyone! It warms my heart to sacrifice for the Lord and I
know that our being apart this year will only make next year all the



Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14, 2015 - Weekly letter :) happy almost Christmas

This week, we had a great Plan of salvation lesson with Charles, our progressing ami, and he is doing great. He has had a bit of a hard time lately, because his cousin recently passed away. But we are working with him and he is doing great.

We are also working with Lulu, or rather trying to get in contact with him. We should hopefully be teaching him a lesson this week. African amis are generally harder to get ahold of. But we will be working there. 

By the way, we received the package from To fRom Us, I think, and I am saving it for Christmas! Haha let me know if it I should open it before, but yeah. I am looking forward to a great Christmas! 

We had a great week this week as far as member visits are concerned! We were able to go to the Bishop's home, see below first picture, and also the family Bouchiquets, and also another one I forgot their name, and also our new dmp, or ward mission leader, who is a BRAND NEW newlywed, like just a few weeks ago, and we were the first people they had over. So yeH. 

I better leave now. But I love you tons and I hope life is good there! As far as skype goes I do not know. We are actually kind of concerned, because we have not been invited for Christas yet, but we will let you know when we know. I would prepare for the morning for you, the latest it could possibly be would be noon or one pm your time because we can be home at ten thirty president said. But probably the morning. If we do not get invited we can still use our ipads at the church. I think we'll get invited but we'll just have to tLk to the bishop again. Ok thanks! Love ya! Gotta run ttalk to ya soon.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 7, 2015 - Adam's first letter from Paris. He's happy and doing great!

Adam's new roommates in Paris!
Jeuness on the left and Roth next, then Pro on the right
(Pro must be short for his companion's last name, Prodeomides.) 

Hello Family! News from the week and Nogent Update

So I realize just how little I have told you all about my new area and i feel very very bad! Haha I guess that sometimes I am so wrapped up in myself and in my own environment that I don't really realize how much you don't know. So here goes.

I got here in Nogent on Wednesday the 25th, after staying a good full six months or four transfers in Nantes. We got to the apartment fairly easily, as Nogent is part of the Parisian area and thus not too far from the mission home and the very center of Paris, relatively speaking. It is less than thirty minutes to get right into the very center of Paris on a train, and trains and buses and metros are very sophisticated here--it is pretty incredible! 

Nogent, or my area in general, is not as pretty as Nantes, I would say, as far as the exterior of buildings or the look itself generally. But it is still very pretty and I like it a lot. The people here in the ward and also the people we talk to are GREAT!!! Oh yeah, a  lot of the members here in the ward are really young, there are a bunch of young families. I would say that makes up a majority of the ward. I love it too because I love the feel of real, legitimate, cool members who understand me, who are energetic and who speak straightforwardly, who are closer to my age, not that I don't love our wonderful mature members as well :) they are also great. In other words I am learning to love all the good attributes of French people, like being on time and not wasting others' time. But it is nice to be in a young ward and I love our bishop, he just had his birthday party for his thirtieth birthday! Haha! He is really cool and we are going to his house this Friday. We also know a couple people in this ward who are related to members I knew in my last ward and that is really fun! So yeah. We had a great day at church yesterday, it was my first normal day of church in this area as last week was stake conference here in the Paris East Stake. 

My new companion: Elder Nathan Prodromides, you say it "pro dro MEE deez". He is in his seventh transfer, so he has been out just about a year, about exactly the same as me! Haha it's funny I have had a lot of comps either two younger than me or two older. Apparently I do well with that or something, I don't know. Elder Prodromides comes from Tuscon Arizona and his family is now living in Las Vegas. He is the youngest of his family and really really likes MUSIC. I have NEVER had nor do I think I will ever have a comp who is so incredibly MUSICAL!! Haha it is so fun and so great! He has a ton of music, classical etc. and he loves to play piano and the ORGAN!! Oh yeah. He has been in this area for three transfers before me so he will probably be headed out at the end of this transfer, but of course that is inspired and so it is impossible to say. But he is very very laid back as far as the decisions we make, he often goes with what I say. It concerns me a bit because I know that can't feel good to hold frustrations inside, it also shows what a good sweet person he is, but it is kind of nice at the same time. But we are helping this area get back on track, there was a missionary before me who finished his mission here last transfer, and he died or finished his mission pretty hard, which I attribute to that missionary and the difficulty of finishing a mission, not to my current comp, I hold him blameless there. But we are working to get this area and ward back up to full strength, and we are pushing especially the member work, such as teaching with members. We got our first member present lesson in months just last week which was a big success. But we will be getting our area up to speed, under God's supervision, it is His hand that guides this work, and it is going well. It is funny because he also reminds me of Hyrum in some ways so that is really fun! Love you hyrum buddy!

By the way we are in the Paris Lilas District, in the Paris Est Zone. 

We have the privilege of having four excellent sister missionaries, two of them sister training leaders, here in the same ward with us. One of them happens to be Sister HILL from our same stake in Syracuse! Haha! Didn't see that one coming, didja? Weird because we,re the only two Utah missionaries in our massive district of fourteen, and...we're both from the same stake...like I actually know her parents, they taught mission prep. Haha, so there you go small world. I also know Elder Bigelow who is currently in Belgium who is from Syracuse too, went to the same Junior high for a year!

Other than that I am happy to hear from the family. Glad that everything worked out well for you last week dad, I was a little bit worried about you and I am glad that it all worked out well. I still worry about you guys sometimes! Love you tons. Thank you Mom also for sharing with me your cool lesson from Seminary! You guys enjoy the Christmas break as MUCH AS YOU CAN because you need it so much! You especially mom and dad! You guys wear yourselves out for others, don,t be afraid to take some rest. Love you. 

Other than that, we have lots of fun stuff that goes on or goes down at our apartment. I love the other two elders who live with us in the apartment. Elder Roth and Elder Jeuness, from California and Indiana respectively. They are so much fun and they are super funny. We basically have great times all the time. 

Christmas is going well, we are going to ask if we can get some appointments figured out for Christmas. It should be fine, should have some places to go to. But either way we are going to bake some stuff and buy some candy stuff and just LIVE IT UP. haha. not really just as much as good Mormon missionaries are allowed to. So that basically entails lots of food and people and Christian living :) 

Also we have about three investigators we are consistently working with. 
  • Tessia, a man from Cote d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast, is incredibly motivated to get baptized and we just taught him for the second or third time last week. Now he is out of the hospital so we're hoping to see him st church this week. 
  • We also have Charles, who showed up at church just out of curiosity a few weeks ago until someone talked to him and gave us his number, and he is really awesome! He understands the Restoration really well and we will teach the Plan of Salvation next time. 
  • Then we have Oxcene, who is an ami who comes from Haiti, and we're working with him since ten years. Life is good we are hoping to hold a baptism on the 27th and the bishop is really happy. 
Also we are doing a special fast, you may have read about it on Facebook, but the goal is to get one new investigator every day and to become more motivated and dedicated by letting go of things holding us back, such as music that is under par or things like that. So the work is going well. 

Funny thing: I now have met two member families who are related to two different French elders I met and knew in the MTC and who went to Tahiti!! Haha just in this ward! So it,s pretty funny :) like I see pictures of them and I recognize them and everything! One of them lived in this ward, the Nogent ward, and the other one is the nephew of a young member family, he's from the south of france.

Mom: i am so excited for all those packages! Yes I do still have the christmas tree. I love you so much and you can trust the address I gave you. The other one arrived safely at the sisters' apartment so the office must have simply given you their address. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME PACKAGES! Please don't go too far out I don't want you guys to be bereft of Christmas at home because of me! Thank you , I'm so grateful. 

Visiting our ami in Paris in the hospital--Pro took this sweet picture, so good huh

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dec 1, 2015 - Adam arrived safely in Paris. Quick video to say hi.

Adam arrived in Paris this past week, and then didn't send us an email on his P-day. Silly boy. We got this short video the next day, along with his new address. 

Elder Adam Grant Edwards 
Les Missionaires
33 Rue Maximilien Robespierre
94120 Fontenay-Sous-Bois


Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov 23, 2015 - Adam is getting transferred to a suburb of Paris. Prayers are appreciated!

Hey guys!!!

So I got transfer news... I am getting transferred to Nogent, which is
a city outside of Paris, kind of north. So i am super excited! Please
don't get scared, I will be fine and we'll be safe. So cool right?! :)

Ok so other than that, we basically said goodbye to everyone at church
gave a couple blessings, and also had a great meal with the Boloko
family last night, with Eddy, Michael, and Simon and Anthony. We then
went out to eat with Eddy and Michael they are so awesome!,! Love those

Can't stay for long, I'm sorry that I can't send you all the videos I
recorded , i recorded six minutes but couldn't really send them
because they're too long. So other than that, I just love you all tons
and thank you for all your love and support! Thank you for all your
letters and prayers. I will try and take some time next week to
respond to them all and I hope that you are all well. Please DO NOT be
worried about me, it will be fine, the Lord will protect us and
President is inspired, we will be okay. So that's all. Love you so

Can't wait to pack and transfer!

See you soon!



Note from Becky: Adam's new town Nogent-sur-Marne is highlighted on the east side of the map. It's a suburb of Paris. 

Displaying image.png

Displaying image.png
Displaying image.png

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov. 16, 2015 - Weekly update last week eighth transfer

(Note from Mom: I sure wish my boy would tell us who people are in these great photos!) 

All right family! Thank you for all the news and pictures love it!
Here is a little update from this week!

...we had a new challenge from President ot try and find a new 
investigator every day for the forty days preceding Christmas! That
will be cool already started actually.
...Have been learning a ton about how to be a friend, and have fun. My
comps teach me stuff I never could have figured out on my own.
...We moved Bobby's date back, but it is ok. It is not his fault but we
will be working with him still and he is still doing great.
...i am trying to really be present and be funny and have fun for my
comp and all the people around me and it will be sweet!
...i fasted Sunday And it was sweet! We will be doing our best this week.

Please pray for the people in France and I will stay safe and follow
the spirit. Love you all so much! Have a great week,

Love love love

Elder Edwards
Ps you are the best
Love you tons

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hello Mom Dad and Family! I am safe and happy (the day after the Paris terrorist attacks)

This is just to tell you guys that I am well. President asked us to
quickly email you all to say that I am fine, so I'm good, just safely
writing this in the church after stake conference, all is well.

Love you! Please pray for us and for the missionaries and people in
France, especially Paris. Nothing has happened here in Nantes, it is
all good here. We are just going to be careful and try and avoid the
middle of town as much as we can. But we're fine. Love you!



Here is the post Adam's mission president, President Babin, put on their Paris, France mission Facebook page to let us know all the missionaries serving in Paris were fine. *Sigh of relief.*

Dear all, we just want to let you know that all the missionaries based in Paris are safe. At the time of the bombings all the missionaries were in their appartement. A message was send to the Zone Leaders to make sure that all missionaries based in Paris will stay in their appartements tomorrow until further notice. No missionaries are allowed to come to Paris tomorrow. We will make an up date tomorrow on this Facebook page. 
Pt Babin


I posted this on my own Facebook page today (November 15, 2015):  

Even though I know Elder Adam Edwards is safe in France, when I came across these picture of him on his Paris mission Facebook page I suddenly broke into tears. I'm so grateful he is alive, as well as all the others serving in France! Come to find out these were posted last week on my birthday. (Adam is standing in the grey suit getting lunch, and at the piano in the last pic.) It would be like Adam to be last in line for lunch as he is often found serving others like his dad is. Or he could be getting seconds. He does like food. smile emoticon

And I changed my Facebook profile picture to this: 
That's my boy Elder Adam Edwards in front of the Eiffel Tower last month. I miss him extra today.

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Weekly Email :D

Hello my great and wonderful family!

This week, I had some great experiences with my mission. It was cool to feel the Spirit of the Lord and to feel the Lord's hand guiding my work. I love you all and I will briefly share some of this with you. 

First of all, we had a great Zone Conference with President and Sister Babin as well as interviews with both of them this last Wednesday. That went great. It was good to see them and I learned a lot of useful things, from how to get rid of mold in our apartments, how to gain the members' trust, things like that. Lots of useful stuff. I also got the chance to play the piano and I got to play for our district singing for the whole zone, we sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." It was great. I will try and get it sent to you soon. 

Then, the day after, we had a great exchange with Saint Nazaire, a little town in our district (there are only three main cities in our district anyways, them, Nantes, and La Rochelle, which is teeny), that's where our District Leader Elder Barber serves, and I got to talk to him a lot about things I can do to make my mission the best, as far as my relationship with my companion goes. It has really been improving this week, more on that later. 

Friday morning, we came back from St. Nazaire, which was nice because Nantes is much bigger, more crowded, and more busy than the former little town, and it is always good to be home. We got to teach Bobby, our legit investigator who hails from Nigeria, who is a GREAT guy, about baptism and the requirements of baptism and it was really cool because we thought we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation and then he just started off by saying, "So, yeah, you guys, you know I have some questions about baptism," and of course we're always happy to talk about that, so the Lord had really been working on his heart and he basically gave himself the date we had given him as a baptismal date, which was sweet! At first he hadn't accepted it, but we'd tried to help him understand the importance of not waiting too long, and he understood. He's down, he's going to do it, and he's getting ready. The date is set for the end of November. I will probably not be here, but it is okay. He's more important, it's about him. The mission isn't about me at all. That was in general a great lesson, our member young adult friend Simon got to attend too. 

Friday we also got a haircut because all the blasted barber shops are CLOSED on Mondays in France (don't ask me why). but it was a good experience super nice lady. 

Sidenote: lately, I have LOVED studying the New Testament and Jesus the Christ. They help us understand the life of the Savior and also a lot about how to live like Him. We need to read those to understand how to live like Him. also to understand the power of his stories and the parables he taught. Great stuff and I encourgae you all to read them. 

Also, Saturday, I had a thought that I need to get outside myself a little more, recognize the sacrifices that my mission is asking of me, or that the Lord is asking of me, and give those big sacrifices, but give them willingly and be GRATEFUL for the chance to give them. I think that is what will make the biggest positive difference for me in my mission right now. I think it works, it's helped me be a lot happier so yeah! It's good to get outside myself and be less selfish and self centered. I also need to be open to change. :)

I'm working on getting out of the Utah bubble a little bit, just trying to be open to new things and trying not to judge people as much as I normally do, definitely some of my weaknesses. I don't want to be a poster boy Utah Mormon so yeah I'm working on that. Staying good don't worry. Okay love ya have a great week! I love you so much! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Email to my Beloved November 2 2015 Happy Birthday Mom!

This is a bit out of chronological order, but I wanted to add this to Adam's blog. 

Here is a quick "Happy Birthday Mom" video. Melted my heart. Of course. 


She's a beauty :D

Trying to get bigger but we'll make some progress hopefully

View of all of Paris from St. Germain. we go here at the start of our missions to make goals of what we're going to do and stuff

Hello everyone! 

So I will be sending you a very quick, brief summary
of my week this week, i tried to have a more personal approach with my
email time, and I like that, so this will just be brief but here we

1. Lost in Paris
Haha so we had to go to Paris Thursday to get my
second year legality done so I can stay in France for my second year.
But guess what--after a two and a half hour train ride, after forty
five minute train ride, and a bus ride to get out to this place, we
got there--three minutes late. After closing time. Yeah kind of
sucked. Haha. :D but oh well we got to sleep over with one of my good
mission buds and it was pretty sweet. Elder Branchflower, great guy.
We stayed the night in Versailles and were able to go out and talk to a
few people in this corner of Paris and also look out on all of Paris
from a nearby hilltop. It was sweet. That was also the place we go
the first day in the field to set goals for all that we're going to
do. Sweet stuff.

2. LOVE. I have learned a lot about love this week. 
The Lord inspired me to really make that a priority and a weekly goal and stuff.
Communication, as you have taught me Dad, is an incredibly key thing
in making a relationship work, especially those that are kind of tough
or going through a rough time like I was feeling with Elder Walton for
a while. It has been cool to feel lots of love for him and for the
Lord and for you mu family!! I can do little things like taking
mockery or persecution meekly and humbly (it's not as bad as I make it
sound but it can still be hard sometimes), smiling at all the people I
see in the road, and also teaching all of them. Cool thing to think
about. It is so important to think about love and make that our driving
priority. There is no logical reason behind it. It's just pure and
simple, very human. It,s love.  Thank you for forgiving me and showing
love that way Mom. Love you tons.

3. Had a good district meeting given by Elder Barber, it was fun. 
We talked about love some. Surprised? I'm not. :) i needed all this!!!
It was fun because I'm learning how to really direct my attention
toward myself and my faults that I can improve to get the most out of
meetings like that.

4. Terrence lesson went well. 
We talked about the Priesthood and the Restoration. We're trying just to teach really simple stuff. He is
doing good.

5. I would just like to testify of Jesus Christ and His love for each
one of us. 
I will make love an important part of my next week too.
Sometimes Christ asks us a few things that we don't want to give, and
it's painful, but He does it because He loves us, and I know that. So
I would just like to invite all of you to give those things the Lord
is trying to ask of you. i know it is right and that it's true. Christ
will never leave you. Ask and search Him, He is by your side. Don't
wait until it,s too late. Now is time.

I testify repentance is a real thing and that it works. Powerful
repentance and sincerity brings very powerful testimony, I'e seen that
in the people around me.

Gitta go but love you all!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!