Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Adam's First MTC Pics!

After waiting a while with my email inbox as my companion, I decided this time we're only getting pictures rather than an email. 

That's okay! Adam has been sweet to send several paper letters to me and Mike and his siblings after they wrote to him. I'm thrilled to finally get some pictures. Tomorrow is his two week mark (that first week was a year, so it's really the one year and one week mark) :) so it's great to see the people with whom Adam spends all his time! 

(Adam and his companion, Elder Johnson.)

An MTC picture of President and Sister Babin -- president of the Paris, France mission.

(This is Adam's friend Kogan, who took a trip to Temple Square a few days before Adam's mission.) 

The most up-to-date picture, took it about 15 minutes ago. Me and Elder Johnson checking email. In P-Day clothes. Which feel very good. Jeans = awesome. 

Okay. This deserves explanation. THIS GUY is one of the French elders. Probably one of the most charismatic people here. He's Elder Heno. He's from just outside of Paris. He's pretty funny and generally a goofball. He's hilarious. He started calling Elder Harris Zac Efron, and so now when he sees Elder Harris he'll be like "ZACH!" In his French accent. Haha he speaks English really well, most of the native French speakers seem to, we have about 7 or 8 I'd say, but a couple don't. Anyway, there's the little Napoleon. 

This is our MTC building.

Provo Temple! from our weekly temple walk 

​This is me with one of the three zone leaders, Elder Martin. Cool guy. ​

​This is our district, four sisters going to Montreal, Sisters Johnston, Arreola, Delgado, and Ladd respectively, and four elders going to Paris, Elders Branchflower, Harris, Johnson, and Edwards respectively. ​

​This is the elders with Frere Sybrowsky, the guy over the French teachers at the MTC, or at least over our section of teachers. Way cool guy. He's awesome. He loves it when people accidentally call him "Elder" because he's been home for two years. haha. ​

Most of the district with Frere (Brother) Sybrowsky

​This is just a small portion of the sense of humor Elder Branchflower has exhibited over the past two weeks. The funny raisin in cinnamon rolls and rice pudding laugh-face-off story? Yeah, that's this guy. ​

This illustrates a little of Elder Branchflower's personality. Elder Harris was sick yesterday and Elder Branchflower was with him most of the time so he wore flip-flops to go outside for a moment. Pretty great.

Elder harris laughing with a book over his face :D

What a missinary desk looks like

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