Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Adam's Missionary Farewell!

Today was a special day! 

We loved hearing Adam speak and play an organ number in church. We loved having wonderful friends and family come and celebrate Adam's special day with us! We feel so loved! 
Me and my two oldest children. A beautiful Malia finishing up her college degree and expecting her second daughter this spring. And Adam going on a mission to Paris in three days.

Adam with his young men leaders and fellow young men. And some bishopric guys too... 

Adam and his soccer buddies.

Grace and her buds. 

Adam with Williamsburg friends. 

Adam with his Grandma Georgia and Grandpa Jim. They spent the afternoon with him a couple days ago at the Manti Temple!

My Mom and two of my wonderful aunts. I love my family!

My nephew Braden with my Dad and Mom. Betcha can't guess where I got my crinkly smiling eyes from!
My brother Pete and his beautiful wife Amy with their son Tyler and my Aunt Nina. 

Aunt Judith with Mike.

Our cousin Jenni with her beautiful children.

My Aunt Jani with my beautiful sister Andrea.

Alex and Natalie, Mike's sister, with their adorable daughter, and my father-in-law Jim. 

Adam with our dear friend and neighbor Jeff. 

My sweet friend Kim. She sent her oldest son on a mission a month ago, who is Adam's close friend Jayson. We had fun sharing our experiences as first time missionary moms! 

My dear friend Lindsey. 

Grace and her second mom Kim. 

My dear friend Lisa. 

Jenny and Adam. And Bishop Nelson. 

Jay, dad of Adam's friend Jayson. 

Celestia and Dan. 

Holly and Nate with their daughter. Adam our neighbor. 

My friends and neighbors Cara and Holly. 

This fun family came all the way from Payson!  Thank you Jen, Marshall, and family! 

Adam's home teaching companion Maurice with his wife Laureen. Another first time missionary mom Tricia. 

Kerry and Ryan with their kids. 

This was a fun reunion. Turns out two of my dear friends knew each other many years ago when they lived in the same ward! Tammy and Lindsey. 

My sweet friend Karen, who helped me immensely with Malia's wedding, and helped me figure out how smart it is to order French bread sandwiches from Kents Market for a mission farewell gathering. Karen is a food ninja. 

Justin, Braden, Craig, Adam. 

Adam started a list for people who want to be added to his mission emails.

Last night...prep time! 

Mike and I cut and wrapped eighteen foot-long French bread sandwiches. 

I had my doubts we could ever eat that much food. We did...every last sandwich. Amazing. 

Good thing we have an extra fridge in the garage to hold eighteen large sandwiches, plus salads and desserts.  

Knowing my tendency to stay at church too long and chat, I put signs in certain places on the counter so others could pull stuff out of the fridge and help get the buffet line ready.

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