Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adam's MTC letter week 3. Lava lava, playing piano in sacrament mtg equals happy face!

Holy cow, yeah it feels good to wear a T-shirt and jeans. Oo, I just learned the French word for T-shirt yesterday, but I forgot it. Oh well. It's in my little notebook somewhere. :D P-days are awesome!! I <3 them. A lot. 

It feels good to feel a lot of love here, I thought about some of the great experiences I've had recently--last night, an elder in the zone asked me to give him a blessing, and I did, and it was cool. Man, there's this awesome elder, Elder Similai, in the zone, too, he's learning French but going to New Caledonia, a little island off of Australia in the Vanuatu Port Vila mission. Me and Elder Harris noticed he was wearing a lava-lava and we commented on how cool those were (he's from American Samoa originally, he's a cool guy). Then just right on the spot, he offers to give each of us one of his only two lava-lavas, he's like "Yeah, elder Harris, I'll give you this one right here and Elder Edwards, I'll give you my other red one." He said, "It's okay, I'm going to the islands anyway," basically he can get more in New Caledonia. He's so nice, he has such a good heart, it reminded me of the guy in your district who gave you a lava-lava! So I'll wear it tonight and think of you, Dad!

One of the cool things we've been learning about is that study should be focused, we shouldn't waste that time, which can be hard sometimes because for us the study time is in 4-hour blocks. It's a cool thing, though, because the teachers definitely reiterate to us that the mission isn't about us. It's not something you go out and do because you want to hang out in a foreign land for two years. This week, we'll be giving a few lessons on the Plan of Salvation, so hopefully those go pretty well. Fire alarm going off, I better go. :D 

Love ya!

I consider the capturing of the above picture the highlight of my photographic career. Elder Harris did a wiggle face for a sec and it took right at the right time. And a picture of my desk. Is it okay that I'm sending this many pictures? Haha sorry if it's too many. Love you so much Mom!

Okay I wanted to send you a little bit of something I didn't tell anyone else about( you can put it on the mass email though): Sunday, I got to play for Sacrament again, and it was so much fun! I still got nervous for the closing song, because we'd had a talk or two that were really powerful and so my mind wans't really on playing, but it was okay. Nobody died even though there were a number of mistakes. It's so fun to be able to share light of Christ with people through music, I remember laying in bed one night in the first week here and thinking of David Archuleta's song "glorious" and feeling so full of joy because I might be able to help with music the next day or two, help play and maybe bring a fulfillment of that song. It's a great song. 

Btw, if anyone asks, I have the best ties in my district hands-down. Not completely, but still truly. 

I love you tons, Mom, I need to go now but I hope you have a great week!

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