Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adam MTC Letter week 4

A few bits from recent hand-written letters:

Boy, there have been maybe 4-5 hymns I've sung here where there is just such a high-vibratory energy, you just feel it, it's awesome. One of those moments was singing "Praise to the Man" as part of the choir. Have you sung any good hymns lately? I hope so. Where are you in the scriptures? I invite you, if you want, to read 1 Nephi 10. We read in French, my companion and I, today, and it's about the prophesies of the Savior coming to the world.  Right now we're re-watching "The Testaments" movie. Boy, I was taking notes the whole time, and I got quite a bit out of it. [Adam is extraordinary at taking notes during church meetings, general conference, or even when talking with his parents about gospel stuff. I love that about Adam.]

I got to play piano for sacrament meeting again on Sunday! That was so awesome. Just so you know, it's been really fun. I've now had the chance to touch a piano 5-6 times at the MTC. It's been fun. Maybe I can lead sometime. 

Elder Johnson and I just were assigned to be Zone Leaders of our little zone. I worried that it would be challenging since I really would rather not get in people's faces - not that I really need to - but you know what I mean. I'm grateful for the good elders in our zone. But anyway, love you! Good night! 

Email to Mom: 

Love you all! 

Holy cow you guys are awesome. Oh yes yes yes! I love pictures! I'm sorry, for some reason, we can't get pictures to work on any of the cmoputers in this lab, but I will try to send pictures next week. 

I'm so glad that you all seem to be doing well. I pray for my family "ma famille" every night. It's a good thing to be able to learn French and serve. I feel more like I'm out here because I want to. Thanks for those quotes, that means a lot, Mom. I'm sorry, I have to go, we still need to go grab some lunch, but I love you tons!! Don't worry, I'll write a letter that has a week summary to you today. Oh yay! Thanks so much for sending me a package, that's so nice! Yes, the language is going well, thanks a bunch. I really feel like the Lord is blessing us to get it. I'm working on loving people around me the way Christ does, with His pure love. I hope I can get that down. 

I love, love, love my family! I'm sorry you miss me, I miss you too, but I know this is the right thing, I can definitely feel the growth happening. It's a good thing. 

You're such a great Mom! I'll pray for you tonight. Thanks for supporting me so well. 


Email to Dad:

Hey Dad! OH good, I'm glad you liked getting the letter. I love getting glimpses into the family life, too. Yeah, these four weeks have been awesome. It's been lots of fun. 

Oh, please please send me some family photos!  I would really like that! We should get our travel plans Friday, if our visas haven't been delayed!!! Isn't that crazy? I plan on calling the fmaily from the airport, if that's okay with all of you! I'll update you on when we'll be leaving. 

I'm glad too. Grandma [Georgia] told me a little about how much like Grandma Evelyn and Grandpa Bush you are, I think that's raelly cool, because I'm more like them than I thought, too! She said you whistle like Grandma Evelyn, and Grandpa Bush sang a lot, so that's really cool. 

Good question with the zone leader thing. You know me, I dislike being other peoples' babysitters, but part of the responsibility is watching over the missionaries a little, which is good. I could be better at going to bed on time, I'll be honest. It's a struggle, because you want to hang out with people in your zone, rather than go to bed. But other than that, we're the people to go to if missionaries in our zone are goofing off, or we're the ones who are supposed to talk to other ZLs if their missionaries are goofing off. We also interview the elders every week, which was fun. Thanks, though Dad. That is one thing that I've tried to do, lead by example. Thanks Dad, I appreciate that a lot. 

Will you tell me about Thanksgiving, Dad? Love you tons!! 

Elder Edwards

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