Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adam's first email from the MTC! Life is good, MTC food is good!

Woo hoo!  We finally got our first official email from Adam today! He sounds happy and upbeat...music to a mother's heart.  Other moms weren't kidding when they said I'd feel better once I got his first email.


From Elder Edwards: 

Hey everybody! Thanks a ton for all the support, I've loved getting letters/emails and I love getting more! So please do not hesitate to write/email. Because if you didn't, you'd be missing out on a chance to say hi to a friend. Which would make you hopefullly feel guilty. Or just do it cuz your cool. :D

The MTC first six days have been pretty fun! I have to hurry really quick because we only have an hour to email and stuff, but I have three great guys in my district with me and four sisters. All four elders are going to France Paris and the sisters are going to Montreal, Canada! All French speaking of course. French has been kind of hard, but it's been really cool to see our first investigator, Charles, progress!

It's been awesome to feel the Spirit help me and Elder JOhnson, my companion, out with teaching in French. Definitely had a bunch of help with that. Our first lesson shouldn't have gone nearly that well. It's been good to work with Elder Johnson, too, we're a lot alike but kind of different so it gives me a taste of what it will be like for other elders to work with me. He's great, has a really positive attitude and stuff. 

Sorry it's kind of short for this first week, but I appreciate your prayers and I will get pictures to you next week, because apparently the computer needs a card reader, so I"m going to buy one! Thanks everybody!!

(Adam's email and mailing address is at the top right corner of this blog.) 


I hope Adam doesn't mind, but I'm going to add a funny story he added in "Mom"part of his email.  

I'm doing really well! It's so fun to be in the MTC here, and I've definitely had some hard moments, but I know I'm doing the write thing!... 

Oh yeah, the food is good. (I'm trying to provide details here because I think you and Dad will like them.) They have like two or three options every meal so it's pretty great. Also we have a couple of really funny guys in our district--our district had 10 people but now it only has eight because one elder went home for medical reasons and the other one left to another district because he's now the ZL. Haha--listen to these voice recording things, they might explain a couple funny moments. Two days ago, I got some rice pudding, which I really like, and I was trying to convince Elder Branchflower (from Canada), Elder Harris, and Elder Johnson (my companion) that rice pudding is really good, and then Elder Branchflower, who is the most quotable/randomly funny person on the whole planet, said, "I don't get what the point of rice pudding is. It's like putting raisins in cinnamon rolls. Like--why ruin perfectly good cinnamon rolls with raisins?! Who does that?!" Just the way he said it, and it was kind of random, and the fact that the other three of us are pretty much used to laughing whenever he opens his mouth, made it VERY funny. We were laughing so hard. It was almost an ab workout. We would stop, and calm down, and then one of us three would look at each other, and we couldn't help but burst out laughing again. All this was amplified by the fact that we were trying to eat in the cafeteria at this time, so it was pretty miraculous our clothes and suits escaped root beer/rice pudding/chocolate milk stains. Anyway, we've just had some really fun times. 


Guess what showed up on Facebook today? 

Becky: "Oh wow, what a surprise to see my Adam's picture on Facebook that was taken just today with his friend Kim at the BYU devotional! Less than a week after taking him to the MTC. Totally made my day!!"

So this happened at devotional today. Bumped into someone from Bear River and someone from Williamsburg....and they just so happen to be companions. #totallythe3rdwheel #smallworld 
  • Becky Mike Edwards Kim!!! Oh my goodness! What a super fun surprise to see this today!! Adam looks really happy! What is his companion's name? He looks like a really nice guy. I'm glad. Thank you so much for posting. I didn't know that MTC missionaries go to the BYU devotionals...cool! Who was speaking today?
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  • Kimberly McGuire Sister Becky Edwards: I know! I was so happy to see him! I didn't know they went to BYU devotionals either! I walked into the Marriott center and they had all these seats reserved for the missionaries on one side...after devotional I was walking around the building and bumped into Adam! His companion's name is Elder Johnson. He actually went to Bear River High and I had a few seminary classes with him. So that was a fun surprise too! haha Elder David F. Evans spoke today about tenacity. It was a wonderful talk and I think we were all edified and uplifted!


Picture Memory Lane...

This is from a recent family trip to Island Park. Adam is reading us stories from President Monson's biography. A story we all loved was President Monson prophesying about a temple in East Germany long before it was conceivable, and then watching the Lord's miracles unfold line upon line until they did get a temple!  We felt the Spirit so strongly and loved discussing the amazing-ness of these stories. I love that Adam did some awesome reading like this right before his mission. I highly recommend that book by the way! 

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