Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Missionary Weekly Report :) week of 19-25 October

Adam wearing the tie Mike wore once and then sent to him with his love. Adam gives it a thumbs up. 
Hey Mom!! :) how is my beautiful lovely mother today? 

Cool! I like that picture too. It is funny to me how much Eiffel tower picture stuff you have at the house! I keep being surprised by stuff in pictures from home, like the French flag and eiffel tower on the piano, I had no idea they were there!, haha it's cool, thanks I love you. 

Yeah the tram, that was cool. 

Yes so Djenyce is part of the Mbikayi (em- bih kai ee) family, a less active family that I mention often. His dad and mom have been less active for a while and THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY IT WAS AAAAWWWEESSSOOMe. It was funny Elder Walton came up to me like, "Hey, Sister Mbikayi is here!" And I was like WHAT!? So it was awesome for sure. 

French words: here, sorry, I feel bad, I thought I explained all those franglais words but I am happy to give you a cheat sheet, sorry t took me so long! :) 
  • Ami...investigator (literally translated "friend" investigator in french means "friend of the church"). Sometimes i will use ami more generally to extend to our less actives and recent converts and members who we're working with too but most of the time I mean just investigators.
  • Église means church
  • Foot means soccer
  • LA...less active 
  • RC...recent convert (this is just mission lingo)
  • Comp...companion
  • Collègue or colleague...how we say companion in French 
  • Je t'aime maman .... Self explanatory :)

Okay I hope that,s good. Please ask me right away when you don't understand!  I am trying to use less French in my English letters and it helps me too so yeah. Ok.

I feel like all these questions are big ones you have had for a while! Please don't hesitate to ask me because it feels like real communication when you do that, I love having good questions to answer. 

Music--yeah i use it a ton, I've had several opportunities to play at least a song ot two during sacrament meeting here at Nantes, I'm pretty sure I've done all of sacrament once or twice, and I've been able to help with choir practices a lot on the piano and I,m helping the choir prepare for all the preparations of stake conference coming up. :) haha do I really not tell you about all this? Crazy. Yeah and in Belgium, in Brussels, there was an organ in one church building that I got to play a few times. No, haven't played in a cathedral yet, too many have invited me so it,s been hard to choose which. :D no just kidding I will be going to ask if I can play next week though, we planned it and it's in the cards. I've also been able to sing with the ward choir a few times, I like taking that time after church and doing that. So there you go, yes, I use music a lot and have given several musical numbers. Here in Nantes we always have a verse of a hymn played by the piano player after the closing prayer just to kind of close everybody out too so that is fun. Very rarely have organs in church buildings in France and Belgium, they have to be really big main ones. 

So glad that Zia still remembers me!!! That reminds me of something, but I can't remember the toy flashlight I gave her. What does it look like? That's so cute that she thinks of me when she sees Paris. Haha! 

Ok Mom that,s all I can answer this time. Love you tons! Thank you for the tie and letters I got them today! Wearing the tie right now! :)
Have a great day! Love your son 



Hello my dear family and friends! Love you all! I tried to think of
some good things I could write about today so here it goes.

-The person I am. A big part of a mission is, as President Babin loves
to say, becoming who we are. I am learning a ton about who I am and
how to be more true to that, whether that might be showing more love
to my companion or to my family, or other things. But it sure does
have a lot to do with love. It also has a lot to do, as my theme for
this week was, faith and sacrifice. A big question for me at this
point in mu mission is not whether I will serve, duh, but rather how
well I will endure and what attitude I will have in my mission and my
life from here on out. I want to learn to not be afraid to speak up
and make choices that are going to bring me the most fulfillment and
happiness now and forever. I want to not be afraid to be energetic and
happy and to work hard to have the most prosperous, great life I can.

I know the Lord blesses me for the sacrifice I'm giving him now, and I
hope to get to the point soon where I can say I am TRULY not my
mission for any other reason than to serve the Lord and help the
Church and have the experience of my life right now. I love that
purity of purpose and that is an important thing for me. I would like
to challenge the rest of you to have a great week this week of faith
and sacrifice. Whatever doubts may come your way, turn back to your
testimony and turn to your God for help, he will speak to you. Have a
week of faith and sacrifice for the Lord.

-2 Elder Walton and I had a great, great companionship inventory last
night, we finally pretty much got about everything on the table, and I
have learned how to communicate efficiently, without apology, while
being strong and direct so it can speak to him and other blunt people,
and it's great! Actually feels pretty good. I can testify to the truth
you told me, dad, when you said that it's best to just bring things
up, even if it's painful at first. Normally, the other person has
been feeling it too.

-3 Damien is a new ami that referred himself online and he is awesome.
He is French slash Spanish and is a really cool guy. So yeah. We
taught him the Restoration, he will hopefully be coming to the
Institute activity wednesday night.

-4 I wanted to take a minute, Mom and Dad, to just express my love for
you two and for the rest of the family as well. I LOVE YOU.  I was studying this morning in
the scriptures about love, and I realized I need to be much better at
showing you two and you all love. So I am going to be working on that.
Do you have any specific suggestions of things I could do? I just want
you to know that I love you. I need to go. It has been a short email.
But I love you tons. Please know that, I want to be as close to you as
I possibly can. I'm trying to grow up and be a missionary as best I
can. I love you and thank you for sharing my burdens a lot with me.
Love you so much. I will be praying for you and expect a letter next
week. Gotta go. Love you!

Till next time everyone

Ps the Bikayi family all came to church and Bobby came too and he was awesome!

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