Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14, 2015 - Weekly letter :) happy almost Christmas

This week, we had a great Plan of salvation lesson with Charles, our progressing ami, and he is doing great. He has had a bit of a hard time lately, because his cousin recently passed away. But we are working with him and he is doing great.

We are also working with Lulu, or rather trying to get in contact with him. We should hopefully be teaching him a lesson this week. African amis are generally harder to get ahold of. But we will be working there. 

By the way, we received the package from To fRom Us, I think, and I am saving it for Christmas! Haha let me know if it I should open it before, but yeah. I am looking forward to a great Christmas! 

We had a great week this week as far as member visits are concerned! We were able to go to the Bishop's home, see below first picture, and also the family Bouchiquets, and also another one I forgot their name, and also our new dmp, or ward mission leader, who is a BRAND NEW newlywed, like just a few weeks ago, and we were the first people they had over. So yeH. 

I better leave now. But I love you tons and I hope life is good there! As far as skype goes I do not know. We are actually kind of concerned, because we have not been invited for Christas yet, but we will let you know when we know. I would prepare for the morning for you, the latest it could possibly be would be noon or one pm your time because we can be home at ten thirty president said. But probably the morning. If we do not get invited we can still use our ipads at the church. I think we'll get invited but we'll just have to tLk to the bishop again. Ok thanks! Love ya! Gotta run ttalk to ya soon.

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