Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Email to my Beloved November 2 2015 Happy Birthday Mom!

This is a bit out of chronological order, but I wanted to add this to Adam's blog. 

Here is a quick "Happy Birthday Mom" video. Melted my heart. Of course. 

She's a beauty :D

Trying to get bigger but we'll make some progress hopefully

View of all of Paris from St. Germain. we go here at the start of our missions to make goals of what we're going to do and stuff

Hello everyone! 

So I will be sending you a very quick, brief summary
of my week this week, i tried to have a more personal approach with my
email time, and I like that, so this will just be brief but here we

1. Lost in Paris
Haha so we had to go to Paris Thursday to get my
second year legality done so I can stay in France for my second year.
But guess what--after a two and a half hour train ride, after forty
five minute train ride, and a bus ride to get out to this place, we
got there--three minutes late. After closing time. Yeah kind of
sucked. Haha. :D but oh well we got to sleep over with one of my good
mission buds and it was pretty sweet. Elder Branchflower, great guy.
We stayed the night in Versailles and were able to go out and talk to a
few people in this corner of Paris and also look out on all of Paris
from a nearby hilltop. It was sweet. That was also the place we go
the first day in the field to set goals for all that we're going to
do. Sweet stuff.

2. LOVE. I have learned a lot about love this week. 
The Lord inspired me to really make that a priority and a weekly goal and stuff.
Communication, as you have taught me Dad, is an incredibly key thing
in making a relationship work, especially those that are kind of tough
or going through a rough time like I was feeling with Elder Walton for
a while. It has been cool to feel lots of love for him and for the
Lord and for you mu family!! I can do little things like taking
mockery or persecution meekly and humbly (it's not as bad as I make it
sound but it can still be hard sometimes), smiling at all the people I
see in the road, and also teaching all of them. Cool thing to think
about. It is so important to think about love and make that our driving
priority. There is no logical reason behind it. It's just pure and
simple, very human. It,s love.  Thank you for forgiving me and showing
love that way Mom. Love you tons.

3. Had a good district meeting given by Elder Barber, it was fun. 
We talked about love some. Surprised? I'm not. :) i needed all this!!!
It was fun because I'm learning how to really direct my attention
toward myself and my faults that I can improve to get the most out of
meetings like that.

4. Terrence lesson went well. 
We talked about the Priesthood and the Restoration. We're trying just to teach really simple stuff. He is
doing good.

5. I would just like to testify of Jesus Christ and His love for each
one of us. 
I will make love an important part of my next week too.
Sometimes Christ asks us a few things that we don't want to give, and
it's painful, but He does it because He loves us, and I know that. So
I would just like to invite all of you to give those things the Lord
is trying to ask of you. i know it is right and that it's true. Christ
will never leave you. Ask and search Him, He is by your side. Don't
wait until it,s too late. Now is time.

I testify repentance is a real thing and that it works. Powerful
repentance and sincerity brings very powerful testimony, I'e seen that
in the people around me.

Gitta go but love you all!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

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