Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hello Mom Dad and Family! I am safe and happy (the day after the Paris terrorist attacks)

This is just to tell you guys that I am well. President asked us to
quickly email you all to say that I am fine, so I'm good, just safely
writing this in the church after stake conference, all is well.

Love you! Please pray for us and for the missionaries and people in
France, especially Paris. Nothing has happened here in Nantes, it is
all good here. We are just going to be careful and try and avoid the
middle of town as much as we can. But we're fine. Love you!



Here is the post Adam's mission president, President Babin, put on their Paris, France mission Facebook page to let us know all the missionaries serving in Paris were fine. *Sigh of relief.*

Dear all, we just want to let you know that all the missionaries based in Paris are safe. At the time of the bombings all the missionaries were in their appartement. A message was send to the Zone Leaders to make sure that all missionaries based in Paris will stay in their appartements tomorrow until further notice. No missionaries are allowed to come to Paris tomorrow. We will make an up date tomorrow on this Facebook page. 
Pt Babin


I posted this on my own Facebook page today (November 15, 2015):  

Even though I know Elder Adam Edwards is safe in France, when I came across these picture of him on his Paris mission Facebook page I suddenly broke into tears. I'm so grateful he is alive, as well as all the others serving in France! Come to find out these were posted last week on my birthday. (Adam is standing in the grey suit getting lunch, and at the piano in the last pic.) It would be like Adam to be last in line for lunch as he is often found serving others like his dad is. Or he could be getting seconds. He does like food. smile emoticon

And I changed my Facebook profile picture to this: 
That's my boy Elder Adam Edwards in front of the Eiffel Tower last month. I miss him extra today.

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