Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 - Happy Easter, Brussels Attack, and Life of Kao & Eddy

What's up my family?! :) Love you guys!! You are awesome, thanks for
all your support.

Happy Easter to all.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support for the Brussels
missionaries. It's been a personal trial for them, I'm sure, and it's
been pretty hard at moments for us too. We're doing ok though. It's
just that it's not every day that missionaries of your mission are hit
by a bomb. It's pretty terrible actually. But we get past the initial
shock and we're happy because they're all still alive and all
hopefully on the way to recovery.

But it makes me want to go out and tell more people in the world about
the things these missionaries share and what makes them the great
people they are. What makes them grateful and faithful in the face of
such things. Because no unhallowed hand can stop this work. And God,
our Father in Heaven, is so much more powerful than the master of
evil. I defy the powers of evil, as good always has done. NO EVIL CAN
OR WILL EVER BRING US DOWN. No force can choke the good that is in
this world. We are the runningback who will never be brought to his
knees. We will run and not be weary. Christ is the INVINCIBLE ENEMY to
all unrighteousness. All persons or powers inflicting death or other
such injury on other persons will answer to Him. So it's not too
important what happens to me or not--I'm here for the Lord and He will
keep us safe. On the off chance that something should happen to my
safety, so be it. I don't care. I will be safe. But if God wants me or
allows me to be taken home, so may it be. But I have confidence that
it will be a safe place here in Troyes. :) We're far from Paris and
Brussels here. No worries. The names of these four missionaries, their
blood, their name tags, their noble heritage, will mark in history the
faith of Mormons and their willingness to bleed for the Savior. Their
blood and sacrifice will not be forgotten. The only noble contribution
I can give to them and what they've done, and also the Savior and the
Sacrifice He has done, is continue to work hard talking to people,
teaching about His ways and His Church.

Here in France, we have been instructed by President Babin to keep
working, we can go outside the apartment, everything is normal for us.

I imagine the missionaries have taken some mockery in the world at
large. They have a bit here in France, as the Church's image in France
isn't quite yet what we would hope it to be, in the public eye, at
least. But I think it's all right for the most part. I'm so proud of
them for testifying of God and Jesus Christ and Their gospel when such
things happen. We've watched a few of their videos and stuff, and man
it's amazing.

Thanks again for all the support and prayers there.

Other than that, it's been a great week! I already talked a bit about
Easter on the videos, but we were able to go to the Faria family's
house and we also got a meal taken to us by a member for us to eat
today.. So yeah it was great :D

Other than that, we're still doing well. We had four investigators at
church yesterday, I'm hoping the attacks and current events of today
will turn the hearts of God's children to their Father.

Have a great week everyone. Sorry if I wrote a bit overdramatically
there. Just expressing myself. But hope you all know I'm happy, life
is good, no worries. Don't worry about me. Just SEEK SPIRITUAL
COMMANDMENTS. And it'll all be good. Any of you struggling to read
scriptures every day? Get back on it.

Love you my family. Have a good week.

Elder Edwards :)


BTW you can chat me if you want! Please do love you guys and thanks 
for the emails :) It's precious as always. I did get the books from the Nogent guys, love them, thank you, but I did not get the [Easter] package yet, we got to the post office just as it closed Saturday. (Screwy post office hours) :D Hahaha I'll get it tomorrow, thanks again!

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