Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 4, 2016 - Adam's letter - great progress in the work

Hey Mom!

So I'm at Mcdonald's right now, can't really listen to your voice
[recording] because it's too loud here.

Hey but I love you though! Hope you are doing great and life here is
doing good here as well. We were able to watch a lot of conference,
all but the last session.

I want to really improve my spirituality and grow as life goes on.

This week, we saw some cool spiritual experiences the last couple
weeks. We found a new investigator this week, elder K contacted him.
His name is Jamaal and he is from Ethiopia. He said he came here in
France to escape the war and stuff going on there. It is really cool
that he got the chance hear to hear the gospel. We've already taught him the REsto [restoration?] briefly and he came to the first 
session we watched Sunday. 

I am really sorry I feel like I am so bad at communicating directly
back and forth to you but I am really happy to have you as a mom.
Thanks for all your efforts. THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE. I loved it!
Still eating the candy it is really good and those shoes are going to
last me I am sure!

We went to a part member family's house today for lunch and it was
really good. They're a pretty unique family but it was fun. They're
really nice to us and they have us over for lunch all the time. We've
really been blessed with chances to eat at members' and even amis'
homes here in Troyes, and I guess all throughout my mission. It is so
cool :)

I love you a lot and hope you can have a good week. I would say more
but I don't think there's much more to be said. I miss the temple a
whole lot but it's ok.

Our amis are going good,
 Hendrik, who was going to get baptized this
month, we're postponing that, he's going to his birth country French
Guyana for a couple weeks here and he'll be back soon. Laeticia we had
a really good lesson with her just on the basics of the gospel and she
really liked it. I feel like basing lessons off of General Conference
talks and talking in very normal French vernacular can help amis
progress and understand better.

Everyone else is going well too. Wow we were able to teach Julia
tithing last week and WOW she accepted it so perfectly! Honestly the
easiest tithing lesson I've ever seen! We asked her what her initial
thoughts on it were (French people can be pretty frank and I would
prefer an initial leak than an eventual blow up haha), and she was
almost laughing and just said, "Well, I mean, to me it just makes
sense...." Hahaha we were like WHAT OK cool! Haha it was awesome. I
know the Lord prepares these people.

Pray and work hard, all my fellow missionaries. I have seen so many
cool things come from online referrals and I feel blessed to have
received a lot during my time in a couple of my areas. This is Not to
brag, but I think that when the Lord trusts us, He sends us people.

Another self referral we saw for the third time last week, walked her
over to a member's home in her town and we all ate a little lunch and
watched the REstoration together. The members are awesome, one is a
Peruvian woman and the other one is half Spanish half French but born
here so French. Haha super cool family.

Ok that's all, love you guys! God bless you and feel free to chat me back.


Hey Dad!

> Cool, thanks for the update. Wow yeah Conference was good, I really
> liked how much it talked about being a good man and good father too. I
> have been feeling like I need to be preparing for marriage and stuff
> in little ways so that was cool to listen to.

> God bless with the big 5 day trial, Dad! You can do it. You have an
> amazing mind for that kind of stuff, trust your strengths and you'll
> get through the hard moments.

> Glad to hear about the insurance company being willing to settle. Haha
> sounds like you sent 'em an expert's opinion and they caved pretty
> quick, huh? I hope that works out well for your clients and for the
> family.

> Well yeah the work is going well here. We only had two amis at church
> yesterday -- worse than we've had in a while, but then that is a huge
> reason to be grateful!!! I can't believe how many investigators we
> have who just come to church all the time, it's awesome.
Conference is
> always a rougher week for church attendance, this is the first one
> I've had on my mission when a legit ami actually came.

> Other than that, one of those amis at church actually is a really cool
> guy from Ethiopia named Jamaal. He is really cool. He doesn't really
> speak English very well, so we can't raelly tell if he belives in God
> or what his religious background is, but we've already taught him a
> quick Resto lesson and then brought him to the Church sunday morning
> to watch the Saturday afternoon session. so that was really cool! He
> was one of the guys I was going to pass by in contacting last week but
> Elder Kaonohi hit him up and he ended up being nice.

> Love you Dad. Life is good here. Man wasn't it good to hear Uchtdorf's
> talk? Haha loved his joke about the Celestial language.

> Love you, talk to you soon!

> Bye

> Elder Edwards

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