Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Happy Bday Letters from Adam to Hyrum and Gabe

Rap for Hyrum

Hey Hyrum buddy!! Hope you are doing well dude.

Just sending you a little happy birthday email for this MARCH 26TH
hope it is the best one of your life!!

Wow going to be 14!! You're getting old there dude! :) Nah just
kidding. I'm old i'll be 20 soon.

Hey I love you tons and hope youare doing ok. Thank you for the letter
you sent me it was great.

Love you and talk to you soon!



Cool dude! Haha ok I'll try to send a video of that. Awesome with the online channel! That's sweet dude. 

Man hope life is good for you too I'm lovin my Hawaiian comp Kaonohi. i've gotten along the best with him.

Ok here goes :D 


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