Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, January 25, 2016

Jan. 25, 2016: Climbing the Mountains -- Transfer 10, Week 3 -- Finding, Waiting on the Lord

No people to teach. It kind of sucks. But it's okay. Honestly, it
hasn't been all that bad of a week. We're doing some good member work
and trying to find some new people. Frustration is there, for sure.
But life goes on, right? :) I would filter this stuff, to try and make
it sound more positive, but I want to be genuine when I right you
guys, so I hope it's ok that I put my real feelings on. Haha it's ok,
I'm still happy!

I guess, to start off with, Charles, our one solid ami or investigator
(when I say ami it is the French word for investigator), called and
said he had enjoyed his time with us and such, but due to a hard
lesson or two we had had with him, where he was very offended because
of a member who spoke in a brusque, sort of angry way with him during
a lesson. He was, in the end, very offended by that, although we
didn't really know about that immediately. He called us and said he
didn't want to come to church on Sundays anymore, but that he was all
right with seeing us now and then. So we basically worked it out to
this: he's going to Quebec, Canada for a vacation for two or three
weeks, we'll give him a break for then, and then we'll try and contact
him after, he said he was ok with maybe being taught after and stuff.
It is pretty sad to see, his story of being brought to the church by
the hand of God was so inspiring and touching, and he knew it was
real, he knew it was where he belonged. It is pretty sad to see that.
But we'll be working with him. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if he
didn't want to talk to us again, as he hasn't responded to a couple
texts we've sent, but if not, oh well.

I'm going to talk about something positive for a second, because I
know I can be a very depressing person or that I can say stuff that
just makes everyone sad all the time. But I HAVE FAITH, and I LOVE A
GOD who loves us all, and who is more powerful than anything or anyone
else on earth. I've had a couple real jerks, I run into opposition all
the time, but IT DOESNT STOP ME. and IT NEVER WILL, blast it! I AM A
FIERY SPIRIT. I do not just QUIT. I have decided to serve this
mission, and serve it I will! So to anyone who might be reading this
who thinks God has given up on them, or that there's no way back, or
whatever other false discouraging message Satan is putting in your
life, wake up, turn around, realize that God is calling you and
speaking the positive truth to you, and there IS a way back. you've
got to wake up your true self to really see this. I spent my whole
life of 19 years trying to just get through, to just go through the
motions, to just do as little as I could do. It wasn't until just a
couple weeks ago that I realized, somewhat, how much more was
available when I really tried and gave my heart. So I would just like
to invite all the powers of hell and evil and darkness to come
crashing down. Do I care? Do I look like I care? No. Not one bit. God
will protect us. God's work will roll forth. And I will do my part of
it in France.

Love you all lots. Sorry I can't say more, FHE now.

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