Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, January 4, 2016

Jan 4, 2015 Letter - Adam is staying in Paris

Sister Hill, being held up by the other sisters, is on our stake and she's coming home this week! I'm excited to attend her homecoming and hear all about their mission!

 These two pictures are from our new year party at the family Blaterons house, a great member family. We got special permission to have all eight of us missionaries, more than half of our district. It was so much fun! We got to watch a movie with gospel values so we watched Walter Mitty. 

So here is just a little update from this week.

Monday We had a great pday. We tried to go see organs in a town by
Paris, but no dice. However we will keep trying, but it is hard to
make it work all of a sudden, so my motivation for it is kind of
falling. That night we also had a good family home evening. Haha right
now we are trying to get that started up, we have only had two so far,
but the goal is that several missionary companionships or equipes go
every Monday night to provide an FHE for single members and
investigators and all members who want to come.

Other major events: we had District Meeting on Tuesday. That was
really good. Last one for the district. Half of us are leaving, seven
of the fourteen are heading out, literally one person from each
companionship. Transfers are Wednesday, so Elder Pro will be heading
down pretty much exactly to the middle of France, to Bourge. If you
are familiar with the term "Bourgeoisie," meaning upper class, or
elite class, apparently that term comes from Bourges, the city where
Elder Prodromides is going. So it is a very little town but we hope
all goes well.

I will be staying here in Nogent, [note from Becky: a suburb just outside of Paris] 
and I will be getting a new 
companion by the name of Elder Malloy. He will be the third person in
his MTC group. Elder Young, my old companion, who is in the same MTC
group as Elder Pro and Elder Malloy, Elder Young will be my new zone
leader!!! HAHA he is a GREAT kid I LOVED him as my companion.

Other than that, we got an updated draft of the ward list worked out
with the ward clerk, and we now have other lists too. It was Elder
Pros crowning work in this ward, he did a lot of less active finding,
so that is great to have the fruition of his work for four transfers
with us.

Well I do not really know what else to say. I love you all, hope you
have a great week. I sent dad a couple photos. 

Also, Mom and Dad, could you check to see if Johnson and Murphy shoes
have a two year warranty? They are supposed to be waterproof but they
aren't anymore. Dont worry my other shoes are great.

Love you so much!

thanks for the package of nerf bullets

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