Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb 1, 2016 - Adam's letter - new French clothes and a new investigator!

Week 4 of Transfer 10

This was our district meeting activity. 

Hey Family!!

Hope you are all doing well. I wanted to just thank you for all the
emails and letters, please know I love you all so much. I appreciate
your prayers and all you are doing to help me stay strong out here.
Life is so good. I'm well and happy.

Just to respond to some of your questions... Mom and Dad, you asked a
few questions about how you could best support me in prayers or things
like that. Yeah, I could try and start keeping you updated with my
amis! I will just try and remember to send the names of new people to
you when I get them, that way you just kind of know everyone. :) Thank
you for your kind and loving support.

Here is a quick update of my week...

A few of the main activities we did this week were: less-active
finding and teaching, family home evening at the church and two at
families' houses, member visits and work (got to help a member with a
home-teaching visit, that was really cool), and we were able to do
some good finding as well. I had a good time stretching myself and
trying to talk to more people in the train as we're going to and from
places. It's been really cool. Like I said last week, it's been
sometimes frustrating, which happens, but it's all right. I'm learning
to stress less, and learning that inviting is success. No matter
what the people say, I gotta try and remember the smiles, the people
who are happy, the people who are accept, and then I'm happier and I
do better work. It is important to talk to as many people as I can do.

Other than that, I bought a cool pair of shoes and also a really cool
light French coat. I decided to get that instead of a French suit
since I already have a suit that is European style. It is light tan
and is a really cool style, double-breasted. I got it for really
cheap, I was really happy. I also got a new tie! So yeah I am happy.

As far as things go, things are going well. We got a new ami [investigator]
introduced to us and our ward, his name is Mezak, prnounced
"mee-zack." He is AWESOME. We got to see him at one appointment and
also at church. He was soo cool! He wants to be baptized and he is so

Hope you all are doing well!!

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