Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Adam's short, happy letter

Hey guys!! :)

So I am here in the church with four other elders, just typing my
emails away. I wanted to give you a good email this week so I will do
my best. :)

So this week, we had a GREAT mission conference, boy it was great. I
loved it. Elder Kearon spoke to us. It was so great. I basically
learned how to wake up and prime motivation. I made a couple goals,
such as "attacking" the day, and getting to bed on time. I pride
myself on being an intense, time-bound missionary, and waking up on
time and exercising in the morning, which not everyone does in the
mission. Now, one of my goals is to really attack the morning routine,
going through it with direction and energy rather than just sort of
being really late and going through the motions. I also want to attack 10:30
bedtime as that is a hard thing for me. Haha I'm a hybrid or you
both, Mom and Dad!! :) Haha I get up early AND stay up late.

It's important to be an intense person on your mission and in life in general.

We just finished with our fhe at the church, it was great. The stls taught the lesson.

This week, we've learned a lot about finding and we've done some killer finding. The Lord has been so nice to us and He always helps us find His children when we make the commitment and go forth to work and do our best, and the best is when we do that every single day.

I love the Lord and feel that my prayers are really close to Him.

Btw, love you lots! Later!

Love Elder Edwards

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