Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 - Adam's letter - He gives a good pep talk to us!

Elder Williams and Elder Edwards
Wow, it is officially June! That means that Elder Harris and I have both been on our missions for 7 months! That's pretty crazy! Love you both a lot! 

Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. Mom, you're a trooper! You are too Dad! Thanks for telling me abuot the Father and sons's campout and the Lagoon Day and the baptism. Woohoo! WOOHOO! That's stellar member missionary work. 

So I wanted to just discuss a few things. I guess that one of the things that's been bothering me is how many people in the Church fall away or become less-active. That's a pretty big part of our missions, to help people who have stopped being active become active again. It's bothered me because I realize how imperfect I am, and how all of us are all imperfect, and it's hard sometimes to deal with that, because we're all pretty much little children of Heavenly Father trying to figure thigns out down here! But it's good, too. I think that the answer lies in the truth and undying, unchanging 100 perfection of our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. What a powerful team they are with teh Holy Ghost. it helps me have hope, even after almost being thrown out of a less-active home yesterday, that people can stay strong in the CHurch. We were able to visit a family who makes up a great part of the ward here in Charleroi, with their multiple generations, the Wéry Family, and were able to ask them what has kept their family so active. They said that they didn't know, they've tried to do what's right and keep their family the best they can and do family home evening. But I sense there's also something inner, something maybe they don't notice, that is a very strong commitment to the gospel. So Mom and Dad, or anyone else, do you have any response to that? 

But don't worry, I'm doing okay. I am very grateful for the tools Mom you sent me, and also for lots fo things I can do to engage myself deeper in the gospel. There's nothing better than being out here, serving the Lord, though it comes at a great price. Even going door-to-door, you can fnid people who are prepared, we found a new investigator on a very unlikely, hard-to-find road this last week. I'm not sure we could find it again without theh help of a map, but we found it the first time witht he help of the Spirit. 

We were able to fidn 3 new investigators this week, which was awesome!!! We haven't been able to do that at all this trasnfer yet, so it was super cool! 

I'm grateful for the gospel, the scriptural promise that is given to us that if we wil live the gospel, we will receive "Peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come." I encourage everyone to make little scripture cards to write scripture references like that on them and just remind you of the truth and to refocus on your testimony in moments of difficulty and temptation. The word of God is powerful. He will sustain you if you keep your covenants with Him. 

Other than that, we will be working this week to try and keep meal times to within an hour. That's hard for me, because I really like to relax, but also, it's great to go and talk to people about the gospel. So it's good. We also had a great Zone Conference on Wednesday and I was able to talk with President, what a great blessing that was. We only get 9 or 10 of those per mission on average, so each one of those is precious! I've already had 3 of mine! 

Obedience is important. President Babin wrote me this week and said, "Elder Edwards, you'll feel much better about yourself if you start to be 100 percent obedient." So that's just a little thought for you all. 

I've noticed that in every situation, seemingly, when a member of teh Church falls away or is led away, it always starts with offense. And it always seems to be like they're looking for an excuse to leave, or looking for an easier path, e.g. it's easier to sleep than come to church, rather than something came up and truly suddenly uprooted there testimony. The only way possible for a good member who is reading the scriptures, praying, obeying the commandments, attending the temple if possible, going to church, doing Family Home Evening, etc. is if they let their concerns and worries get bigger than their faith. In other words, in the gospel, we have the choice to accept many great and beautiful truths, helps, and answers, esp. that of our Savior Jesus Christ, or the alternative of rejecting all this and choosing instead to base our lives off of a few wordly, clinging uncertainties. I think in this light the choice is clear. Read the Book of MOrmon every day. Join the challenge Mom is doing on Facebook. Don't let those things, those actions offend you. To be offended is a choice. NO ONE can offend you without your consent. If you choose to be considerably offended, it's because, whether in the moment or out, you chose to take it that way, and to take considerable personal harm to what was done, when the right way would have been to forgive them and keep on in the way of love that the Savior taught. 

It's imoprtant to give your best. Keep giving your best, my family! It's important to be obedient and do Famiyl Home Evening. How are you doing with that? I know that Monday night wasn't usually ours, but I invite you all to look into that, it's really something the prophets have asked us to do, and it may bring even more blessings than donig it Sunday night. 

We're trying to keep the Spirit with us all the time. Not always successful, of course, but it's going well. 

Thanks to everyone for the help with the rough spot I was going through the past few weeks, I appreciate it very much . THanks especially Mom, Dad, and family, Grandma Georgia and Brother Hughes. 

May God bless you all as you carry on in this blessed work. Be grateful every day for what the Lord gives you. Keep a daily journal, it'll help you bcome closer to the Lord and leave many valuable lessons for your posterity. Also, never be afraid to invite someone to hear the gospel message. And cling to the Savior with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. He will NEVER leave you, He will NEVER let you down. And I know this, you learn some thigns as His representative. Keep it up, keep your head up, and the Lord will help you with whatever problems you have. Talk to any priesthood leaders if necessary: that's not shameful, it's what the Lord wants! Start donig things the Lord's way: if you begin to focus on helping others, not yourself, and living the commandments, you have the recipe for happiness that billions of Father's children lack. Spread it to all the world. Go, go, go,! And we'll never quit until the great Jehovah shall say, "The work is done." 

God bless you all until next Monday! Sorry I didn't get to put in many stories, but I hope that will suffice. Also a efw pictures! 

No, I didn't get the package. Mom, you are so awesome to speak like that. Thanks for your support everyone! Zia is so cute! 

Love you, have a great week! 

[Note from Becky: I saved these pics from our mission Facebook page. They are from the Bruxelles, Belgium zone conference in Paris on May 28. Adam is sitting on the right side of the table, second from the back.] 

Adam is right in the middle on the second row. 

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