Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015 Adam's letter - Asking inspired questions while tracting

Hey Mom! Hey Dad! Hey family and friends and loved ones! 


Literally. Plus, we all have the gospel, we know where we're headed, Christ is leading the Church, and though rough times come in life, with a little grit; a consistent direction, and a lot of faith, the Savior will guide us through. 

Had a few cool experiences this week. Elder Williams, who is in his 6th transfer, has been feelign to push people a little more to be interested by asking more inspired questions, even if they're not comfortable sometimes. After all, picture this: two white-shirt, tie-wearing guys show up at your door and all of a sudden ask you if you believe in Jesus Christ. Not really something that happens every day! :D People kind of get uncomfortable sometimes in such situations. But the Lord knows how to reach them. My former idea of street contacting and porting or going door-to-door was more about asking, "Hello, Monsieur or Madame, are you interested?" Rather than, "Hello, Monsieur or Madame, are you a child of God?" or some similar inspired question like that, and then having a conversation like that. You see, I'm starting to realize, the key is to get the people talking. You get them talking, good things start happening. So there you go, the Lord is teaching me and Elder Williams how to ask inspired questions. Went porting yesterday in a cute little neighborhood in a town called Châtelet, pronounced "Chat-lay." Fun times. Other than that, the work is going good. The week went by pretty fast. I'm happy to say that the Lord is taking good care of us, we have lots of people to see this week that just ended and the week that we're just about to start. Everyone back home love your great America. But I love Belgium very, very much, too. BOY it is so green!!!! It's SO pretty. We had a nice ride to and from a sweet little fort today in the town of Dinant, Belgium. BOY sweet little citadel, it stands 100 meters above the river level and it is pretty sweet. Will put a couple pictures.

Beyond that, it's been a good week. We now have two progressing investigators, Marc, who is a very solid, Christian, believing guy, and Nancy, who is the adult daughter of a solid member we have in our ward. We didn't really have any a few weeks ago, so we feel blessed. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for the great support, Mom and Dad, that you give me on not being too hard on myself. I guess sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in that. We'll have interviews with President this Wednesday by the way at Zone Conference in Brussels so that'll be cool. Will let you know how that goes next week. 

Fail :D

Beautiful Catholic cathedral

Ready, aim...

Dad, ho^pe you like this one! 

In World War I, Belgium, or actually France, had the fort, and then Germany came with a lot of soldiers and took it. The U.S.A. then came and took the fort back. It's impressive to me that it can be taken much at all. I think it's by virtue of the fact that, though there are 100 meters down to the town and river below, there is a plateau on the other side of it that makes it accessible to enemy troops. Really interesting tour of it. Wish you could've been there Mom and Dad! 

I love you all so much. I think that's awesome that you're doing missionary work ofy ou're own. God bless you in everything you do and say that's good. People aren't perfect; but Christ is perfect, and the way He guides and leads his church today through living, modern-day prophets is amazing. Never doubt it. We're part of this great, marvelous latter-day work. I'm learning how to give my best out here. I'm noticing that it helps to do a couple things:
  1. Gratitude, focusing on the things that are good, true, and going well
  2. Realizing my weaknesses but not letting them take from my strenghts and the bounteous good things in life
  3. Whenever I start to feel really sad or depressed or low, I tell myself, "You know, I think this is just my stomach telling me that I need some protein, not a true feeling of despair or soemthing I need to let get in the way." That really helps keep life in order. Naturalyl, we have ups and downs, but we can be happy through both of them, or relatively so. We'll also be sad sometimes, but the joy of the gospel should always be present, I think. 

We were able to visit at the home of two great, elderly members, a  brother and sister, who are in their 80s or maybe even 90s. They remember the days of WWII, which is amazing to me. We talked to them a little about it on our last visit when Elder Baldwin was here. They said it was very hard, very hungry times, nobody could eat a whole much. But the missionaries came knocking on their door in the 1960s, when they already had a nice, burgeoning family, and they accepted the gospel message. From that, and also others of their relatives who were baptized, we now have several strong members of our ward, many of whom make up a very key part of the youth in our Charleroi 1 Ward! So never be afraid to beileve that a little missinoary work can't change the wordl. I know it can. 

Also, we have a couple family home evenings tonight we'll be going to, we have members to go with us to one ni particular, and then to a less-active family's house called the Mangunza family. Woohoo! Will be lots of fun. 

Love you lots my family! I hope this was a good weekly email. You are the bright joy of my life, along with the gospel! Don't know what I'd do without you and your support! It's a living thing, the love that exists in our family. God loves you, too, the gospel is true, never doubt it. God bless you each and every day this week, even through the hard moments. 

I bear testimony the gospel is true. It was great to read Grandpa Bush's Patriarchal Blessing. Also, Mom, thanks for reminding me to do that, thatt's a great thing to do. God bless you, I love you, haev a great week. 

Till next time! 

Sincerely, Elder Adam grant Edwards

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