Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adam's letter - June 15, 2015 - First week in Nantes, France. Happy!

HEY Mom and Dad!! 

I love you tons Mom and Dad! I just wanted to say high and THANK YOU so much for the wonderful, kind love you've sent me. Thanks for your advice and I love you tons. I wanted to just say, yes, thanks for all the great ideas you gave me on how to keep my spirit high-energy and happy (it's harder in Europe, I think, haha) but I'm becoming more dedicated and I'm happy to just give this service to my Savior because I know he lives and loves me. Thanks so much for everything. I hope the family's doing well.

I would love the Raw Meal and fish oil and otehr supplement you were talking about, i'm sure that that would help me  a lot. thank you so much for being such great parents, yuo help me more than you know and it's amazing just to know I can talk to you about anything. I hear about elders who don't have supportive parents or whatever and  I just don't know how Ird do it.

Other than that, I really, really like Nantes! It's been a good week. Guess what?! We got 5 member presents!!!!  [Note from Becky: I'm guessing "member presents" means member referrals?] In last transfer ALONE we had 8 in Charleroi. SO Member work is ON FIRE here and I'm so pumped to do great stuff with that. 

Other than that, I better close pretty quick but I'll give a couple auick little things: Sorry that it had to be so short, I'll send you a card tonight!
  • Wandered in Paris on transfer day for 20 minutes and found my way to the gare: 
  • Had great time in Nantes so far, humid, but when cool it's actually very nice
  • Learning how to talk to peopel in metro and bus, actually love the testimony I can give of people that Dad mentioned, that we have a plan in this life, we have a purpose, we just have to make changes to be in accordance with that plan
  • The love of God and the power of the Book of Mormon are real. I'm doing the Book of Mormon challenge in English, I decided, but it's going well. Not up to speed, but loving it; Love Mosiah 12 through 15 too. 
  • France is SUPER COOl, we have a GREAAAT DMP which is ward mission leader, and we have AWESOME missionaries in the ward, SO we're going to do work here! 
Love you so much Mom and Dad, I'll pray fory ou in the things you're doing this week, preay that the Lord will bless you. I need to let you go but I'll print out your emials and keep those things in mind this week. Till next time, I love you so much, sincerely,

Elder Adam Edwards
Love you SOOOOO much!! You're the best every!

My address is:
  • 8 Rue Lamoricière-Villa Lamoricière
  • 44100 Nantes

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