Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015 - Adam's Letter - His first transfer is to Nantes, France!

The missionaries do this kind of picture on transfer weeks. The numbers represent how many weeks they have been in the mission field. 

Hey Mom and Dad! 

So I have to be really fast today, but I have a lot to tell you! 

  1. I'm being transferred out of Charleroi! Wooohooo I'm so happy! I finally get to go live in France! Oh yeah I'm excited. And on top of that, it's in Nantes, clear over in the other side of the mission. It's very south and on the west coast--I believe by the ocean! That means I can go there on P)day! And everyone says it's a sweet ville! I'm really excited! 
  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the package! it got here safely!
  3. ​I will be leaving, of course, Elder Williams, but we've gotten along pretty well, and I'l grateful for the time we've had. 
  4. Guess what?! They're closing the Charleroi 2 equipe of elders, so Elder Harris and elder smith are both headed to France with me! Crazy, right? Elder Williams has a lot on his back with his new comp, Elder Gomez! Charleroi is a HUGE area for one equipe, prayers on their part would be much appreciated! 
  5. Still kind of going through a rough spot, but grateful for the great things in my life. I'm so grateful that you both write me every week, Mom and Dad, there are missionaries parents who don't, or only one of them does weekly! So thank sa lot!
  6. Today for P)Day, we were able to go to Brussels and see the ANTONIUM! It's a huge monument slash sculpture made in 1958 and recently refurbished in 2006 that looks like a molecule BUT you can go inside of it, too! I will include a couple pictures. You can actually go inside the big metal spheres and all the white tubes have stairs or escalators in them! 
  7. Thanks Mom for your voice recordings--it's always nice to hear you guys, you're really good to take such good care of me. Thanks again for the calendar and water bottle and the candy. We'll get the stuff to Michel and Frère Cockx! I hope he and his family love it. Also I had to say goodbye to Michel last night--sad! 
  8. I'm doing the Book of Mormon challenge with you! Elder Williams and I have been reading in the Book of Moromn in French the last six weeks so it's been good preparation, I guess. I may kind of cheat and count that, but I'll pretty much be doing the same thing. Thanks Mom! i hope I have the time for it, I'll see I guess. 
  9. Progressing investigators--Marc and Nancy--we haven't seen either of them for two weeks. I guess it'd be a good thing to see each of them a couple times a week. But I'll have to call and say goodbye to them, I'm sure Elder Williams will do well tehre. 
  10. Loved seeing the family pictures, that's so great
  11. Life sounds crazy but thanks so much for everything! Holy cow I wish we could just talk too but it's okay, life goes on. 
  12. I need to go, I'm sorry I can't write too much more, but I love you all TONS, and I hope the Lord will bless you in all you're doing! Umm is there anything I can do for all of you? I hope you all feel my love, I'm doing my best out here, the Lord's blessing us. Stay strong, y'all! 
​Well I don't really know what else to say, it's been a good week. I love you all. I'm really excited to go to France.  Please keep praying for me, that I'll have angels with the Priesthood around me to protect me, and that the Spirit and angels will guide me to people who are prepared to hear the gospel. Love you all. 

Till next week! 

Elder Edwards​

A package we sent to Adam for him and the two families who let him Skype us from their homes on Mother's Day and Christmas. 

This is MIchel, we played a couple games of chess to say goodbye

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