Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 - Adam's Letter

Hey family!

This week I will be brief, but I would just like to thank you for
writing me and I love you all and I am excited to see you soon.

Sounds like you guys are busy at home!

This week, a lot of fun and exciting things happened. Among them:

- Ate at the Joly family's house Monday night to celebrate Elder
Burgoyne's 19th birthday

- Taught Karine twice and she came to conference (PROGRESSING

- Went to Chantal's house Tuesday night, the night of Elder Burgoyne's
birthday, and her non-member daughter came, too! That was pretty
great. We were able to talk about the Restoration a bit with her. We
are so proud of the great member-missionary work Chantal is doing.

- Wednesday, went to district meeting and went to Creil afterwards.
Had tons of adventures there. :) haha. Had a less-active appointment
scheduled, but walked like a solid half-hour from the train station to
get to a rather interesting area :) liked it though and see this huge,
big bat. Oh yeah. Bat means building by the way. And we went all the
way up to the 16th floor and he wasn't there. And now you're asking
why I'm doing this whole narrative. Well I don't know either hope it
was an enjoyable journey. :)

- Wednesday night we ate at the bishop's house for no apparent reason.
THat's great as always!

- Thursday, went to Soissons for several hours. Made friends with some
hood teenagers and they were actually pretty cool. :) haha they took a
selfie with us, they thought we were cool because we were American.

- Friday, we taught Alexandre, who became a progressing investigator
as well!! And Karine for the second time. We also ate at the Gaydu
family's house for no reason. That was fun. Frere Gaydu is a chill

- Saturday, we did weekly planning and watched conference.

- Sunday, we watched conference. And that's all. :D haha it was great.

This week, we are going to be out of town a lot. We have district
meeting and interviews with President on Thursday, an exchange with
Troyes on Friday, and a zone-wide finding day on Saturday. Plus we'll
be visiting several of the other big towns in our area.

It's going well folks! Thanks again for the package mom and dad. I
love the protein and the protein bars are really good. :)

Love you guys a ton! Have a good week!

P.S. If any of you guys had any letters or packages to send...better
get it done quick or no guarantees I'll get it haha.

Ok love ya bye!

Elder Edwards

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