Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct. 24, 2016 - Adam's LAST LETTER! "Final Episle"

Well, folks, looks like this is it.

It's been a glorious ride, complete with highs and lows. I've met tons of great people on the way.

Never could have imagined it would have been like this two years ago.

I want you all to know that God is aware of your moments of suffering and hardship. Nothing can help more than a prayer.

I updated my icloud account Mom and Dad. :)

I hope you guys love the Lord with allyour heart. The whole law and all the prophets amd commandments are given so we coild do this. Any sacrifice the Lord asks us to make will help us ultimately do that more and more perfectly.

I testify this gospel is true.
The peophet and apostles are called of God.
Never doubt what you know.
Be temple worthy.
Obey the commandments.
Never let go.
Never let yourself thing you're not worth another effort, or that you've sinned beyond Christ's reach, because that's not true.

God bless and protect and teach the French and the Belgians to love and obey Him.

Come unto Christ, who "[stands] with open arms to receive you."

Love you all.

See you Thursday family. See you soon friends.

Drop mic

Edwards out fellas :)


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