Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016 -- Week 2 Already over?! Napoleon's palace, and 2 New Investigators In

Hey guys!! :) 

Thanks for your letters, Mom and Dad! I love you and hope you are doing well. 

A spirit of dedication to member work, and to our members has pervaded this week for me. I have also felt pushed to call and contact many people we haven't seen in a while. I finished the week in a spirit of love and happiness. It was a good week. Let me tell you the main events and how it went. 

Monday: We were able to see the Duvin family, and that visit went well. 

Tuesday: We went to District Meeting

Wednesday: We went to Paris again. Elder Burgoyne did his first year legality with the other greenies, and I contacted in several hours with Elder Hone! It was a pretty positive experience. Then went to eat at a random invitation to the Joly's house. That was great
Thursday: Went to see Sister Mendoza, a Peruvian sister I've mentioned before, for the first time with Francois. Also met with Chantal. Then ate at KFC and Francois paid! Haha that was spectacular! 

Friday: Had a great member present lesson and second lesson with Laure! Mentioned her before with Elder Libby. She stopped us on the street a few weeks back. We managed to have a second appointment with her, which was great! Francois was kind enough to be present. We talked about faith in God, how she shouldn't doubt, etc. She has a lot of faith, especially for someone who grew up without any exposure to it at all. She's making some  good efforts in the right direction. Thanks to that second appointment, and the Good Lord, she is now a new investigator.

Saturday: We met with Alexandre, an investigator, and his girlfriend,  a member of the Church in the Versailles  ward. We talked about the  three most important things he needs to do in order to  know the Gospel is true: pray, read the Book of Mormon, and come to church. He has taken a few lessons a year ago in a different ward, but as it's the first time he met with us, we counted him as a new investigator as well. The best part is, he called us! He reached out! We didn't contact him in any way. So that was a big miracle. We'll be meeting with him again this week. 

Sunday: Had a great day at church, weekly planning, and making a list of less-active members whose addresses are up-to-date. 

There you are, family! 

Another couple cool things I started doing this week: 

- Made a little "Member Missionary Work Experience" sheet for the missionaries in our ward. On it, we write all the things and people our members are working to share the gospel with. That way, we have these members and these people in mind, so we know what to share with them in order to help them help their friends. Neat, huh? The idea came to me last night, I really recommend it to other missionaries, I think it's a worthwhile thing. 

- Soissons. We met with the only active member in this town far east in our area, and just had a good ol' sit-down about all the less-active members of Soissons. Lately, we have been seeing some success with less-active and member visits, and he was able to give us five more names to work with, less-active members in Soissons! Consider us the powerful less-active "net-workers" in the ward. Haha. We pull on all the people we visit and see (which include, thankfully, several investigators now, and many less-actives), and we were able to write all those names down on one sheet of paper last night, which felt great to have it all down on one piece of paper. It feels like the culmination of five months of work for me. 

There you go guys! Also just for laughs, here's some other stuff...:) 

Love you and have a good week!


Elder Edwards

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