Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 -- Adam's letter. 4th of July, Duvin Family, and great DMP meeting :)

Hey guys! Happy 4th of July to you all!

I may be far but I still love my country!!! WHOO GO AMERICA

All right well just to tell you guys about my week a little bit, we
walked a lot in Compiegne, we ate some good food at members' houses
(were privileged to be fed or at least given yummy snacks at several
peoples' houses), and we had a great time. We also got to help a
really cool member, Frere Judas, put up his swingset, which was cool.
Good Sunday to finish it up. Also we picked up a new family to work
with, called the Duvin family. But I can't reveal all the details now
can I...

The weekly whallop.

I ate. I drank. Shopped. Life was good. Went to Burger King with
Francois (yes that's growing here in France, there are a few in our
area now). We contacted and I bought my new "Carte de Jeune" or youth
discount card for trains. It was a real good Pday, I'm sure.

Tuesday: We had a fun district meeting,  it was different because the
ZLs   Were there and because Cisneros was leading it this time, he's
the new DL, but it was fun. He said that he would correct us on stuff
where needed, so he'll be a good leader. We had a good lunch, complete
with tartiflette that Elder Libby made, basically like potato circles
and sour cream and bacon bits with a lot and lot of cheese on top.
Pretty good. We then went to Creil, and very hurriedly stopped by a
less-active sister's house, who seemed pretty happy to see us (that
was good), but we had to run after to catch our train back to
Compiegne. Then we went on down to Noyon, farther north than Compiegne
(south to north is Paris, Creil, Compiegne, Noyon) and got to visit
Virgil and Karen there for the last time, the French/Panamanian
couple. They're so cool. They were just sealed a week or two ago, so
fun to see. They're moving on the 13th and we'll be really sad to se
them go. They made us a REAL good rizotto (if you don't know what it
is eat it you'll like it) behold:

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