Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 - Adam's Letter

Adam's new companion, Elder Libby. 

Elder Williams with our ward mission leader, Francois.

Hey Mom! 

I looked at all the pictures and listened to the recording.
Thanks! Liked it. Hope you're having fun at the gym. Haha how you
spell check your emails while running on the treadmill I will never
know but you do a really good job at it!!

This week has been kind of hard, been fighting off loneliness and
stuff. It's hard to feel like you're doing a lot of good in towns like
this. It requires a very big picture viewpoint to keep your head and
stay happy and motivated. Like REALLY big picture, bigger than i've
ever had to have for any of my other towns.

We still did see some really big miracles this week though. We
contacted a referral named Valerie who apparently has already been
contacted by missionaries in the past, she is from Guadalupe and her
family there is partly members. They're strong members, baptized since
ten years, I think she said. We gave her the Book of Mormon as she
requested, she was super interested, she most of all wants to know how
to restart a relationship with God, because she was Catholic and
active in her belief as a child, and now she's kind of gotten away
from that, she explained, so she was really curious about how to get
back on a good relationship with God. So we talked about the Book of
Mormon and repentance that first rendez-vous, that went well.

Other miracle: the last night me and Elder Williams were together, we
went to contact another online referral whose name is Mackey, he's
super legit lives in a distant town and he was very open and accepting
of our message. Gotta love believing African people (he's from the
Congo). Love it. Love it.

We also were able to visit Karine with our ward mission leader,
Francois (yes that was him in the last photo with Elder WIlliams) and
that went ok. We definitely noticed a lack of motivation to act on her
part but hopefully that gets better soon. if not, we're going to let
her go for a while.

You were right in your voice letter that I've been really blessed by
the Lord. Can't deny that. Also can't say I'm saddened right now at
the thought of coming home. It's pretty hard here so it doesn't sound
that bad :) haha. It's not always you know it's just the days or long
hours when all you do is sit inside, or just walking around. It's
brutal you need a heck of a mind to deal with it. It's all a mental
battle. So lonely. So alone and quiet and there's times when you want
to talk to your companion but--you just don't know what to say. There
are really good moments, but they're rare. So you've gotta keep your
head in the long interims, that's the real hard part, you know?

Hope you have a good day mom! :) don't worry I'm fine. Just--yeah.
Tired. And alone. But it's ok. My comp is really good, happy and
talkative so he's a really good guy to be with right now. I just
honestly hope I don't stay much longer in this area after he goes.
Since I'll only have two transfers after he finishes, it is fairly
likely I'll finish here unless they take us both out when he finishes.

So apparently you're going to have lunch with Elder LIbby's mom? We
were cracking up this week talking about how our moms probably spend a
couple hours a day on the mission facebook page, talking about their
sons and trying to meet up for lunch :) hahaha!! We love you too don't
worry. Even if it's funny how much you moms do that :D

So theres my week love you guys! Have a great day.

Talk to ya soon mom! Sorry I talked about so much negative stuff--hope
you didn't get sad at all. :) love ya talk to ya soon

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