Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 - Hey guys! Weekly update

Love you mom, dad, and family. Thank you for the great email mom. Way
to rise above the challenges with your class. Keep it up I'm sure
it'll go a lot more smoothly this week.

This week was fun for me. Complete with a Duvin visit; meeting Anicet,
an online referral from Congo, for the first time; teaching Chantal;
district meeting; a great big Beauvais day on Wednesday, complete with
a visit to Bernard, another new online referral, and Manuel, a
less-active member. We were also privileged to do door to door in an
outer village of Compiegne called Clairoix; we attended ward council
and our meeting with our ward mission leader; had a big exchange and
finding day Friday and Saturday with Elders Cisneros and Sutherland;
and a great day of church and a member visit with the Malcas
yesterday, topped off with a visit at the Ocampos that finally went

We were able to leave a good impression with the Ocampos. Since they
haven't been keeping commitments, we decided not to drop them but we
put the ball in their court, told them that they could call us when
they had more time and they wanted the gospel more, and we borught the
Spirit in, reading from Alma 18 and that was great. Told them we're
here as missionaries so they could ask the same questions and have the
same feelings as King Lamoni. I hope they really thought about that.

France lost to Portugal so please send positive vibes this way. (Good
thing I'm not portuguese haha)

We are super excited for this week because we'll have a couple good
member visits, we have some other appointments lined up, and we'll
just have a fine and dandy week .already going into week 4 of the
transfer, goes by fast.

Shoutout to Wesleigh, Star, and Kogan who wrote me recently, you guys
are the best!

All right that's all for this week, it's brief but I think it's better
this way and don' t have lots of time. Love you guys! Hope my emails
uplift you and help you feel the Spirit.

Invitation for this week--in a quiet moment of study and reflection,
take a step back from your life, and look at it as God sees it. What
positive things does He see that you don't see? What positive
direction does he want you to take that you'd rather not for the
moment? Take that direction and go with it. You have the ball. Run
with it. The Lord will get you to that first down line. Keep running
with him and he will get you to the end zone, which is paradise in the
Celestial Kingdom. Don't lose faith. Don't lose hope. Life is good.
This is the time to work. Don't lose the chance to work while it is
still yours.

God bless everyone! I love you lots!

Love, love, love

Elder Edwards

Thanks for your email Mom! Boy thanks for all the pictures too! It looks like you really enjoyed your 4th huh? Did you have a fun time?

Haha I had to giggle when I heard about that, you hanging out with
Edler Libby's mom. Have fun with that when you can, he's a great guy,
I'm sure his mom is a lot of fun like him.

I wish yo the best of luck for this week's presentation and I will
keep you in my prayers! God bless Mom and Dad!
Love you lots!



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