Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, April 25, 2016

Arpil 25, 2016 - 6 months left -- strong w/ Lord -- giving the Lord my all

WOHHOO!! All right family, thank you Mom and Dad for your awesome
emails. Thank you for sending me those and for telling me about
everything going on at home. Yeah, it's pretty crazy that I am only 6
months away, huh? One thing I'm learning right now, here at the end of
my mission, is how to give my all to the Lord. In putting him as my
first priority now, while I'm still on my mission, it'll make it that
much easier when I get back, when I'll be dating and stuff, to keep
Him always at the #1 place in my life.

I am also working on not stressing.

For many months in my mission, actually since last Fall, I have sort
of been the leader of my companionship: I trained, and I had a
companion or two who struggled, and then since then, I've kind of been
leading here in Troyes because I'm a pretty firey person sometimes I
guess, Elder Kaonohi is super chill and he's a bit younger than me in
the mission, so he's just kind of been like, "You lead, man, go
ahead!" Haha. Not that I'm perfect or anything, there have definitely
been moments when my comps have led out. But for the most part, that's
how it's been. And it's been pretty heavy sometimes. :D So now I'm
realizing, with Elder K's help, how I can rethink this with the Lord
and my companion--for example, this is the Lord's work, I can leave
more of the burden or responsibility with him, it doesn't have to
weigh on my soul all the time, and sometimes I can take the backseat
and let my comp lead. So I'm working on this as well. Dad, do you have
any comments on that? I imagine you had that feeling sometimes too,
and I realized I kind of need to rethink the way I do things or I'll
be dead way before my call has expired, haha!! I need to work hard and
fight my own laziness, it's an inherent weakness in me and it's
something I always have to fight. But I'm looking forward to
continuing to work hard, to pick up speed even, for these last six
months. I want to meet the challenge.

I will now give you a little summary of this week. :)

We did exchanges with Compiegne Tuesday and met a cool JEWISH guy
which I LOVE I have ALWAYS wanted to have a Jewish investigator. He
even said they could come by!! And he was the leader of the Jewish
community at Compiegne! That was realy cool, we saw one or two more
miracles there. Was a really good time.

Wednesday, district meeting. We had a fun time, went to Paris as
usual, and we went to a little crepe/panini shop, and we were able to
see NOTRE DAME on the way back. WOOHOO behold the photos

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