Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct 19, 2015 - The Week! 8th Transfer, Djenyce's Baptism, Paris Pictures!

(From Becky: This is my favorite picture from his mission so far. It's a great shot of him in front of the Eiffel Tower.)

Me and my buddy Elder Smith who I know all the way back from charleroi! He is Elder Harris's blue, now turned trainer himself!! so that's cool, huh, I got to do a little split with him while Elder Walton was doing legality. Cool stuff!

This is the Louvre, the biggest museum of art in the world, I believe. It is HUGE. Holy cow it's more like a circle than a buidling!!!
 Still the Louvre...
 Yep, same building...
 Haha, little photo with me and the Book of Mormon. :D Love you guys! More to come; 

Sorry this isn't Paris. One night, there was finally an open tram, with no people on it, so I took a picture to remember what they look like. We spend a lot of time in these things!! I've had a lot of little conversations in these beasts, not all or even most about missionary work but some cool ones still. We had a great experience this week--there were two men REALLY making fun of us and talking between themselves, making fun of me and the Lord and stuff, it made me pretty mad. I was pretty ticked for a sec. Didn't do anything, don't worry :) but it wsa cool because I prayed for help and strength and then we were able to have SEVERAL people after ask us who we were or just come up and talk to us after the...people...left. It was really cool. I testify that no one can stop this work. I prayed later to have more people make fun of us like that so I could feel more stubbornly loyal to the Lord and this Church! I ain't going anywhere! :) So I would just like to invite anyone who feels so inclined to make fun of the Church or Jesus Christ to my face. He will set you straight bro, whether through the Spirit or through me. 

This is some important buidling in Paris. Not sure which. :) haha sorry right on the Seine river though you can see tons of really cool buidlings right fro, this bridge

Eiffel Tower!!! this thing is HUGE up close!! 

The Arc de Triomphe

Father and son!! :) Me and Elder Walton.

Ah she's pretty. :D

Hehe! Some random Italian guy going around dressed like that for people to take pictures with. 

So we actually got to go back the second time to the eiffel tower, I went before with Edler Smith and then back, really fast, with Elder Walton. We saw the Arc de Triomphe, really quick, then the eiffel tower, really quick, it was sweet. :D Glad he wanted to do it. 

Hello everyone!!  

I thank you all wholeheartedly  for all the support, warmth, love, and prayers you send my way! got to hear some cool things about the temple today, really warmed my spirit! You guys are awesome, my family and friends! I owe the world to you!  I will mention a few things from the week: 

  1. It can be hard to keep the purpose and testimony of a missionary pure, but it is worth the work, I testify. 
  2. We were able to experience and be a part of the baptism and confirmation of Djenyce, in a small way. I was able to play the piano for the baptismal service, and it was great to see him get baptized by his dad. wow, so cool. His dad got up and spoke after and was so happy, it was pretty profound the way he spoke. I think he was the one the most affected by it. cool guy. We were then able to be two of the four people to help give Djenyce the gift of the Holy Ghost, only the second confirmation I've had the privelege of helping in, so it was great. 
  3. So right now, Nantes is getting kind of cold. :D The work here is now focusing on our recent converts, of which we have four, our other investigators, trying to get them serious, reading the book of Mormon, and progressing (trying to get them up to speed), and also our less-active members, some of whom we are really hoping to see progress a lot. we have been receiving lots of inspiration to get these people long-term goals and get them to the temple and stuff so it's cool. One brother Frère Nicole has been seeing great progress in church attendance. He's a ping-pong referee and super cool. We also have one ami, Boby, who is really legit who we hope to see progress quickly. 
  4. Spirit of faith and sacrifice--so we need to always live every day with faith and sacrifice. When we move past our doubts, and give even more things for the Lord every day, we can see so many blessings. This week I'm going a whole week without letting a single doubt bother me one moment, to immediately dismiss it and force it out, I don't need that kind of stuff bothering this great work. Have the feeling that the greatness of this work is only beginning to be understood by me, how great the authority is that I hold. Makes me really want to be worthy of it. :D
  5. Boby is doing great, we met him two weeks ago and he is doing well. we have taught him the Restoration and the Gospel and started the Plan of salvation. He has some really interesting ideas but belives the Book of Mormon is true so we're going to try and answer his questions some with the Book of Mormon. That's really what it's all about! 
  6. Communication is a great, key thing.  I have learned to discuss and communicate first, humble myself, and try and be better, and not to let myself be pushed around either. :D love you guys! Communicate, it's important!
  7. Scriptures are true. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I testify that the Book of Mormon is true. I sacrifice so that other people can go to the temple. And you people with the temple right in reach, right in view, you better go there this next week or two, or i'll be on you, because I cannot TELL YOU how much I miss that place. Wow. It just isn't right. But it's ok, we do it for the Lord. Just don't be afraid to be missionaries, ok? Get to that temple, do what the Lord tells you to do. Listen to the spirit. Read the book of Mormon if you hvaen't already. Read it again. Do whatever you feel inspired to do as you read it. It'll change your life. You CANNOT read that book with a sincere heart and with the idea, "MAYBE this is true," without gaining a sincere testimony that it is. I challenge you to do it. God bless all of you. I hope to see your testimonies grow with time! 
  8. Change--never be afraid of change, my friends. I've hated and resisted it a lot of my mission, but its good for me, so I try to be more open to it, it's good. I've had a lot of changes, little ones, in my personality or how I speak, so I'll probably seem pretty different when I get back. Btw, Christmas call, I might have a rougher time speaking English without pausing! Love you all though. Please know God is with you, don't be afraid to change, to go to Priesthood leaders, to go to God in prayer and tell him EVERYTHING; to work with someone close to you who loves you. Do this and the Lord will bless you. Keep your appointments and covenants with him. I challenge you all to do this humbly as a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. Be faithful over your part of the vineyard. 
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. :)

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