Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Adam's letter - getting Ipads, excited to call on Mother's Day

I included a little US flag in Adam's Easter package, so I'm assuming these boys are doing the Pledge of Allegiance. 

This is when our Easter package arrived a few days AFTER Easter!  Darn it, I better get on the ball sooner next time! 

Hey Dad! Hey Mom! 

It's great to hear from you, thanks for your letters, it's always a joy to see your emails right there on the little email inbox! 

[Note from Becky: We are all excited about Adam calling us on Mother's Day!] 

Yes, so I will probably be calling you about 4:30 or 5, as Elder Williams will be doing his call around 3:30. Does that work all right for you? We still need to make sure that's okay with Michel, so if that changes, I'll let you know in an email, but it should work. I'm really excited to talk to you all too! I'll try and keep it together this time, haha! Weird, I just passed my 6-month mark this last Wednesday on Transfer Day! Crazy, huh? 

Haha, I CANT BELIEVE I'm still here!! [Adam stayed in his first area for one more transfer.] I'm really glad you and Mom were happy I'm still here, it's cool in some ways, but it's weird too. Every single time I've looked at the paper to see if I'd be living the town, I thought I would be! And I still haven't! Haha! Actualyl Elder Baldwin left, he's now a Zone Leader in the far-away city of Rennes in France, which includes Normandy, the site of D-Day. Man, it's just weird, you know, Dad? Because I guess I expected my mission to be more like yours, and you only stayed this long in one of your areas, and that was your last one, if I remember right, as a zone leader! Pretty crazy, right? Haha thanks for encouraging me, though, I appreciate it. It just feels like a long time! 

Wow, glad to hear about such great news from you and Mom! Mom, you realyl rocked that women's conference, didn't you? I k now you must have felt realyl stressed and nervous when you got up there to speak, but I hope it wasn't too bad. You looked pretty at home up there to me, I guess I've always seen you up there like that in big speaking arrangements, though. I understand though, this was especially big, congratulations Mom! And Happy early Mother's Day! Haha we've talked to a couple people abuot how we only get to call home a couple times a year, and sometimes, they're like, "what?!" But it's okay, I'm glad it's not more, not to offend you, I'd just be a mess all the time. I'm going to try and keep it together for this next video call. 

Also, I'll be getting an iPad in a few weeks, but the rules for emails stay the same, I can only email on Monday. You can send me news or whatever if you like during the week, but I can't respond until Monday. So you can just keep it at one email per week, that's good. 

This week has been kind of weird starting up another trasnfer in Charleroi, but also it's been pretty good, we had Samedi Sports and a couple raelly cool members came, Kevin and Sébastien, and that was really fun. Plus, it's the birthday of one of the only active young men in the ward today, it's Ezéchiel's birthday, so that'll be cool for him.

Today, we went into a big cathedral in the center of town, it's actually just a few hundred yards from where we do our emails. 

I feel like the Lord always has things in mind for us. Grateful for the lessons he teaches us. Missionary work sure always isn't easy, but then, life isn't either. And it's all about attitude, if we have a good attitude, the Lord will help us keep going. God bless all you, my wonderful family! Wow I wish I coudl talk to you and stuff like normal like we could before, but it's okay, it's about time I grow up and learn to take my place in the world! 

WOOHOOO for Malia! What a GREAT day to graduate from college with a bachelor's and a gerat degree, too! What cute nieces I have! Haha and what a cool brother in Austin! 

Love you guys, I better go, but I'll include a few pictures here. Till next time! 

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