Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015 - Adam's letter. He's staying in his first area, and got to see Waterloo!

Hey Mom and Dad and family! 

Yes I am writing this week! I'm so sorry for the delay, I hope you weren't worried, but yesterday we actually had a big conference with the WHOLE MISSION (even Elder Baldwin has only seen that twice his whole time here, so that's pretty rare, it was pretty great), and we got to receive iPad training from Elder Nielson and elder Kearon from the Seventy. Boy, it was so much fun. They were willing to laugh and joke and have fun with us, so it was really great. 

I loved seeing the pictures and hearing the family stories, thanks for keeping me updated. Holy cow little Brielle is already getting some cheek chub. Yes, cheek chub. :D :D If she's anything like me, or lots of people in our family, that will only accelerate in rapidity as she grows. :D Is she still a type 4 baby, do you think? Boy and Zia just gets cuter and cuter! What a cute little thing! I talk to all my missionary friends about those two, they're so cute! Uncle life rocks! God bless you Malia and AUstin, especially Malia, as you finish up and graduate from school in just three days! You can do it! If anyone can pull it off, it's definitely you! I'll be praying for you so you can get that degree! Woohooo! go Malia! 

Dad--loved your story about the little Scout training. Wow, I thought you were done with that one! They have lots, don't they? It's all right, I'm sure you're taking it like a trooper. I wanted to tell you a little something...

Do you recognize this?


It was so awesome! We went by train to Braine l'Alleud, and then walked up to the hill, and then learned that you need to pay 7 Euros to go up the stairs to the statue. A couple elders said they'd rather stay, I almost stayed, too, but then I thought, "Man, if Mom and Dad heard I'd come all this way, and then didn't go up to the statue, they'd be like, 'But--you were right there!' " So I did it. :D P Man Dad it was so cool! I had to take just a second and ponder upon what I might do as Napoleon or the British commander. Haha. This is where Napoleon was defeated, I believe, the first time, and it was actually 200 years ago this summer. Pretty sweet timing, huh? 

Mom--I loved getting a letter from you today! Actually, I am staying in Charleroi. Pretty crazy, right?!?! Holy cow, I'll be doing six months here. Me and Elder Harris are starting to believe we're literally inseparable, as we are still together in the same apartment, ever since October!! Haha! So once this transfer is over, we'll have been together a good eight months, close to a third of our missions! Crazy, huh? 

Well, we have to go, I only have a minute, but I want to tell you that the Lord loves you a lot. I'll take a minute and sent a little letter tonight. I know the Lord loves you and is with you. Wish I could tell you more, but I have to go right now. Good luck, Mom, with everythign you're doing! No, Dad, actually I haven't been able to listen to that album yet, we're trying to get some format problems fixed. I'm going to ask Michel tonnight if he can't get some files converted. Don't worry, we'll get it done. Thank s SOO MUCH for sending it to me.K 

Love you! Till next time! 


Elder Edwards

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