Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 Adam's full letter

(Note from Becky: I didn't edit this email so here's the whole thing.) 


Heyyyyyy what's up? Holy cow how is life? 

I'm doing really good! Wow thanks I printed off that little bit of Elder Holland's talk last weeek and I'll print off the rest here! That's really cool, I'm so glad you found it. I may not be able to make those recordings work with this computer today but I will for sure listen to them during the week on my little voice recorder. 

Hey it's okay, I'm really excited for the music! Haha thanks so much for doing it! And the good news is, with a flash drive, it's pretty easy to just send me a song or two on email and I can just add it right on. That'll be sweet! Thanks so much! We had a great zone conference with president and Soeur Babin last Thursday and boy it was cool! WE GOT TO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS!!!!! woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was soooo sweet! For most of the missionaries out, that was the first time they'd seen it! We greenies were fortunate :) sometimes it pays to be a baby in the mission :D Me and Elder Harris and Elder Wells are still in the same apartment, by the way, don't know if I'd told you that. 

How has the week been? I think I'm going to try and get used to the mission a little more this week, not to make you guys sad, but just so I'm a little happier because if I spend too much time missing home it's not a good thing. So don't spend too much time missing me if it's not healthy. :) But don't worry, I'll always miss you guys at least a little bit. 

(Here is Adam's explanation of his pics playing piano at the Paris train station.)

Hahaha!!! Oh yeah, when we were at a train station in France, well in Paris, they just have a piano right there for anyone to play who wants to, so me, Elder Baldwin, and Elders Wells and Harris were all just standnig there watching other people play, and I wasn't going to go up, but then Elder Wells encouraged me to do so and promised he'd make me a chocolate sandwich (which he did two days later, complete with nutella, hot chocolate powder, and chocolate and bread, it was quite good), and so I did. I played a couple songs, I am a Child of God, and the Spirit of God. After I'd played the first song, a guy with a camera came up to me and asked me to play another one. Haha at first I thought he was with some news company, but he didn't have any logos, and he jsut had one guy helping him out, so I think it was more of a personal thing, maybe a little school project or something like that. But it was still cool! Haha he did all these little zoom-ins and zoom-outs of my hands and tried to get all these different angles. Haha it was really cool! No sadly I didn't sing. But every Sunday with the Primary I play the piano still and I sing to help them learn their newest song. I'm pretty missed there now by the teachers if I'm late, haha. But yeah it was fun! I improvised on the hymns, and it was good. I got a couple modest little claps at the end of the second one. But boy it's fun, when we sang at the same train station at Christmas time, there were tons of people who just stopped and listened to us. It was sweet! Elder Harris said I had a pretty good little audience for a while, too. It's hard to tell, because that's right by the big sign that has all the departing times, but we'll give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and say some people enjoyed it. :) Sometimes when people thank me for playing the piano (I played a littler interlude last week in sacrament), I think, "Thank my Mom, she's the one who always reminded me!" And thank Dad, too, because he's the one who funded all the lessons! But I thank the Lord too. 

(I asked Adam what he would like us to pray for.) 

Well, would you maybe mind praying for Marie-Thérése and Thibault? They are our two closest amis to baptism. Marie-Thérése needs to get a testimony of Joseph Smith, and Thibault is doing pretty well, he needs to feel ready and understand a few last things before he gets baptized. But if you cuold pray that they'll be prepared by the Lord and His angels, or however you want to put that, that'd be great. Also if you could pray that I could stop focusing so much on home and just more on the work, that'd be awesome too! Don't worry, I'm healthy and happy over here. I weighed myself in at 82 kilos last night! Please don't calculate that into pounds, haha. Nor put it on the blog. :D hahaha but no I'm okay I just need to get lost a little bit more in the work over here. 

About the package--I am SOOOO looking forward to it! Yes I would love anything at all from home! I hope you guys get the package I sent too! Hint, it includes quite a bit of Belgian and Swiss chocolate. :D Haha my apologies, the Belgian post is kind of infamous for being slow, but they should get it there eventually. I sent it last Monday. 

Anything American or with red, white, and blue on it is amazing. Haha no but really, even little things like snickers or--do you really want to make my day?--a bag of gummy worms :D :D :D They have those here I think too but that would be so great. I've actually talked with Elder Baldwin for a while about how to adjust to things out on the mision, and he said a good thing to do is to make the apartment mine, to have family pictures or little decorations that I'd have at home, so maybe could you send me:
  1. My BYU-I banner in my room
  2. Gummy worms, if ok
  3. pictures of the family in fun, happy times, like on vacations
  4. any food from home at all, even a little bit of peanut butter (they have it here but it's still not quite as good)
I don't want to ask too much, but I love you all tons!! Thank you so much! Also Mom if you don't want to take the time ever to put a whole package together by yourself, it's okay! You can just go on the little website owned by the Poznanskis, the last mission president and his wife. I'm pretty suer you can just find it on their Facebook site, France Paris Mission Poznanski. I think that would be lots less work and maybe even less money for you! Haha sorry we just love packages so much here. Don't worry life is good either way. 

This week has been good, we had Samedi Sports on Saturday but no one really came because we'd forgotten to send the text out to everybody hahaha! Whoooops. Anyway this Saturday we're going to have a little activity into the woods. It'll be fun. I hope you all have a great week! 

Holy cow we found this amazing salad dressing that is so good. Note to Dad: Gouda cheese, especially the old kind, is very very nice on lettuce with a good dressing. :D There it is. Love you guys! 

Mom, how are the preparations going? Anything I can pray for for you? 

Also, Mom, could you please send the package to the mission home? Haha I think it would be better and safer if you actually sent it there, it might get to me faster that way. The address is 

La Mission Françoise de Paris
23, Rue du Onze Novembre
78110 Le Vesinet

Merci beacoup maman!


Voice recording to Mom 1 here.
Recording 2 here.

Recording 3 here.  This is maybe an accidental recording of another missionary speaking at a meeting. I liked hearing Adam's laughing at the funny parts. 

Recording 4 here. Adam and his companion sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace" 



Hey how are you Dad?!?! I'm SOO SORRY I forgot it was your birthday last week! I couldn't believe it, and I sent you a teeny little email, I'm so sorry! I hope your birthday was the greatest! You look great in uniform! Wow is that a new car? Holy cow that's sweet! Wow that is a sweet car, too! Haha! Living up the old-bishop life, I can see! No, just kidding. :D Haha I hope your spirit is good Dad! I hope you are happy and well. Love you lots. Families are forever. I love, love, love the gospel. Don't worry, I'll send ya more, this is just the first little round of pictures.

Adam's voice recording to Dad 1 here. Birthday tribute to Dad.

Adam's voice recording to Dad 2 here.  

Adam's recording to Dad 3 here. 

Adam's recording to Dad 4 here. 

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