Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015 - Elder Adam playing piano on a reality TV show??

Adam playing piano in a busy Paris train station with a TV crew filming it -- WHAT?  

Adam sent these pics with no explanation! That created some curiosity around here! We Googled the title on the piano and it looks like some kind of reality show where the crew moves the piano to random public places and then films people playing. Of course I asked Adam for more details about it. 

Here is Adam's explanation that he sent the next week.

Hahaha!!! Oh yeah, when we were at a train station in France, well in Paris, they just have a piano right there for anyone to play who wants to, so me, Elder Baldwin, and Elders Wells and Harris were all just standnig there watching other people play, and I wasn't going to go up, but then Elder Wells encouraged me to do so and promised he'd make me a chocolate sandwich (which he did two days later, complete with nutella, hot chocolate powder, and chocolate and bread, it was quite good), and so I did. I played a couple songs, I am a Child of God, and the Spirit of God. After I'd played the first song, a guy with a camera came up to me and asked me to play another one. 

Haha at first I thought he was with some news company, but he didn't have any logos, and he just had one guy helping him out, so I think it was more of a personal thing, maybe a little school project or something like that. But it was still cool! Haha he did all these little zoom-ins and zoom-outs of my hands and tried to get all these different angles. Haha it was really cool! No sadly I didn't sing. But every Sunday with the Primary I play the piano still and I sing to help them learn their newest song. I'm pretty missed there now by the teachers if I'm late, haha. 

But yeah it was fun! I improvised on the hymns, and it was good. I got a couple modest little claps at the end of the second one. But boy it's fun, when we sang at the same train station at Christmas time, there were tons of people who just stopped and listened to us. It was sweet! Elder Harris said I had a pretty good little audience for a while, too. It's hard to tell, because that's right by the big sign that has all the departing times, but we'll give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and say some people enjoyed it. :) Sometimes when people thank me for playing the piano (I played a littler interlude last week in sacrament), I think, "Thank my Mom, she's the one who always reminded me!" And thank Dad, too, because he's the one who funded all the lessons! But I thank the Lord too. 

One of Adam's dreams is to use his music gifts to share the gospel. He has been the primary pianist in his Charleroi Belgium ward since day one. He has played special numbers in sacrament meeting. This was fun to see that he had the chance to play a primary song and a hymn in a busy train station in Paris, France!

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