Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 9, 2015 Adam's full letter - got a new companion

(Note from Becky: I didn't edit this email so here's the whole thing.)

Dadziller!!! WHOOHOOO DADZILLER!!!!!!!!!!

I love you SOOOO much Dad! 

Hey I'm so pumped for you that you are getting into family History! I'm sorry you are sad about being released from being the Bishop. I've been praying for ya that that will be smoother. I'm sure you're happy to see Bishop Parker do a great job, but also I'm sure you're sad to miss that responsibility, that mantle you wore for so long. But hey, the Lord will call you where you're needed! I hope that life is good in the Army! I bet it's good to see your old friends and stuff. Plus, that's a uniform I can easily picture you in and be proud of my Dad! You're awesome Dad! Whoohoo way to be a missionary! 

About Family History work--it may seem slow and tedious, but just don't try to hard to be perfect. Learn to love little things you find, like pictures or stories. It can make it fun.

Man I'm sad you missed the Keegster's homecoming too! But I'm glad we can listen to the recorded version, that's good, huh? I bet it's awesome, I'll listen to it back at the apartment. 

Thanks for taking care of my tax return, Dad! I really appreciate it! How is work? Listened to any good music lately? Haha I listened to a country song or two from Elder Baldwin that really reminded me of you, "Don't Blink" and "Letters from Home". Love and am proud of my Army, loving, Mormon, dedicated, lawyer Dad! You wear a lot of hats. You wear 'em well, though. :)

I wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY BIIIIIRTHDAY coming up on the 17th, I hope that is as joyful an occasion as possible. I believe that is a week from tomorrow, right? A Tuesday? Go Dad go! 

Oh Elder Baldwin is super. He tries really hard to bring the Spirit with him. He's a really sweet guy from Georgia, got a good heart. I can tell it's hard on him sometimes when he has to wait for me or when I tell him about some of the weaknesses I had last trasnfer--like when we went to the soccer game--but hey I'm trying to take advantage of the opportunity to become a more successful missionary. 

I'm so grateful for technology so we can communicate so quickly every week like this! Boy it's super! 

But yeah, Elder Baldwin tries pretty hard to keep the rules, which I think is good for us, so I'm glad to have him as my trainer now. I think the Lord will bless us with success as we work, because we both have faith the Lord can guide us to people. Haha--out here for two years, you kind of have to beileve that! 

I know you're already praying for lots of people, Dad, but just know you're in my prayers, too. Thanks for your prayers for me. I know we are an eternal family, and we can hang out and have joy together after this life! To some people, religion and relationship with God seem hard to comprehend, but to me, it's just something that makes life awesome! Life would be really really sad without my God and my family and the gospel. So I'm pretty grateful to have all those things!

We're working with Marie-Thérése and she committed to keep the word of Wisdom yesterday in our lesson with her. That was super. I hope she can keep doing well with that. We're going to give her a call tonight and see how that's going. 

I love you so much Dad! Please know I love and appreciate your example and remembering how you acted on your imssion from the stories you told us kids and from watching your example my whole life! Boy it's amazing, we've met a couple really really good dads just in the past five days or so, one on the metro and one on the street. It's amazing what taking the dad responsibility seriously can do! Guys are kind of wild without a responsibility like that, I think :D In fact, I can testify of that because I know it!! Our apartment is nuts!! We have all these crazy little battles with nerf guns and towels and squirt bottles. Haha! It's fun. 

Dad, just a quick question--when you served as bishop or as a missionary, what did you do to make sure you helped respond to peoples' questions sufficiently well? I've found it can be hard sometimes to know whether or not someone completely understands, or it can be hard to answer it completely. Anyway, just curious on what your answer to that might be. 

Love you tons Dad! 


LoveElder Adam Edwards

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