Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First letter from the mission field...Adam and his companion prayed each other there!

Adam just arrived in Europe! This is Charleroi, Belgium. Adam's first area in the Paris, France mission.  

Hey Dad! 

It's been great to hear from you! holy cow, I am typing on a French keyboard and it is a major trip! Haha but it's fun. That's so cool that you're officially in the Guard, way to go!! Thanks so much for serving, Dad, you're a great role model!

It's amazing all the highs and lows that I've been going through as a greenie! haha but boy it's a lot of fun! This week has been really good for the most part. Hey! I wanted to tell you, I feel like the language is really coming along! Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, we sang three Christmas hymns, and boy, it was awesome!!! They sound so cool in French, probably because several of them (and a couple we don't have in our hymnbook) are originally French. It was quite an experience, I really enjoyed it. Hey, and it has been really fun to be in Belgium, too! 

I really like hearing from you too, Dad! It felt so good to talk to you a week ago. Haha and I'm looking forward to the Skype call on Christmas, that will be awesome! 

Thanks again for the advice, Dad. Thanks, I will just keep working. I feel really bad at doing missionary work sometimes, but yesterday, we went puert à puert for the first time (door to door). It was cool. We only knocked on five doors or so, but I'm still glad we went. Elder Amico is a great guy. It's kind of fun, because he is Swiss, he's from Switzerland! So his English accent is really funny. But he's really patient and fun to work with. He's really good at working with members, and the main thing I've learned from him so far is that speaking and working with the members is fun and important. We also have a deal that as long as he keeps giving me Swiss chocolate, I will always say that it's the best, better than Belgian chocolate. Haha the people here like to think that Belgian chocolate is the best. They're both really good. 

By the way, here is my address if you don't already have it:

1a/22 rue de la marine 6040 JUMET Belgium

And I totally take back what I said to Mom about don't send letters, I love getting letters and I will make time to read talks or at least get the gist of the message from it if you and Mom mail me those, too! And I'm buying stamps tomorrow so yes. :D Lately anything from home is a treasure, like your tag or the pillowcase I have from when you went to Iraq. Haha I actually went to sleep hugging those a couple nights ago and last night, I'm super glad I have them! 

I'm glad you like being a bishop so much, that's good! Unexpectedly, we actually just got a new bishop yesterday, so that made me think of you and Mom. I had forgotten how many people bear little testimonies! Boy, and testimonies--or what I got from them--can be so strong in French, it's awesome. Oh and I got to play the piano for Primary, they usually don't have a Primary pianist and that was fun even though I feel like I didn't do super great!

Oh, oh, and last night, Sunday night, we visited with some members (I'd like not to take so much of their time but it's something we can work on, I guess), and I'm grateful, I feel like the Gift of Tongues is real, because sometimes I felt like I was actually having a conversation with people in French, and it was really fun! But I can't take the credit, it's not me. I'm grateful to God--me and Elder Amico prayed for each other, because he wanted someone who could play the piano and I wanted someone who is a native French speaker, and he is!!! Cool, huh? So don't think I say all that to brag, because it's "pas moi" (not me). 

I hope the preparations for the holidays are awesome for you! love you lots!!

Hey Mom! Thanks for sending the tree, it's way awesome! I think it helps our apartment feel more like home. Haha the pictures are awesome!

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