Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas-week email part three: Voice recordings

Recording One (Click here. 7:48)
People they are teaching:

  • Their first baptism! Michel got baptized this weekend! He went to church as a boy but never got baptized. Has own family with two cute kids. Adam attended his daughter’s concert. He comes to Saturday sports day and is great at soccer. (Adam LOVES soccer.)
  • Michel’s daughter is preparing to be baptized. 
  • Tibot is a big, strong, body-building, martial arts man. 
  • Danny is from Spain, living in Belgium. Polite. Only speaks Spanish and Eastern European languages, so Elder Amico talks to him. (Elder Amico knows four languages.)
  • Charlotte is about 18. Young women have really taken her in and befriended her. The ward does a good job of taking in new members. 
  • Just got a new bishop on Sunday. Fun to meet some of the members of the ward. 
  • Hope our family missionary efforts are going well. It’s so different than home with lots of members in our neighborhood. 
  • His mission area takes maybe six hours to get to the end of the area. He gets around by metro and bus. The ward is awesome!
  • He gives a personal message to each family member, including his grandparents and niece Zia. Adam uses the quilt every night that Malia gave him. 

Recording Two (Click here. 1:10)
Adam plays on electric piano "Angels We have Heard on High," because if he were home he would be playing Christmas music for us.

Recording Three (Click here. 0:48)
Adam and his companion, Elder Amico, each sing a verse of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" a Capella. It's fun to hear Elder Amico's native French speaking and singing!

I noticed this photo on another missionary's Facebook page, and since Adam was in it, I copied it. :) Ahh, the joys of modern technology for the sappy missionary mom!  This may be Adam's zone at the two half-mission conferences they had last week, I assume in Paris. 

This looks like Adam's MTC people. Maybe these are the lights at MTC? Almost as stunning as the lights at Temple Square! It's amazing how much this picture reminds me of Mike when he was missionary age. 

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