Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Adam flies to Paris, France!

We got a quick phone call from the airport. He bore his testimony to me in French. It was so beautiful that it melted my heart. 

Because our family thought Adam was flying on Tuesday, we made sure we'd all be around for his phone call. Then we found out the flight was Monday, and not one family member was home when he called! I was at an appointment that I didn't feel right about postponing, the kids were singing in a choir at Temple Square, and Mike was in court. Thank goodness for cell phones, so three of the five of us got to talk with him for a short time. :) Happy dance! 

A super nice missionary mom took this picture and texted it to me before the plane took off. There's our Adam, in the grey suit in the middle. There were four elders and four sisters on this flight to France. 

Here is the nice missionary mom who took texted me the picture. I'm guessing this family sat in the row in front of Adam's row. It made my heart so happy that she did such a nice thing for us!  And to know that there was a mom on the plane to nurture these missionaries who probably felt pretty nervous about their first day in the mission field. I love the sisterhood of the gospel. I have never even met this woman before, but after what she did for us, and after texting back and forth, we are fast friends. They are flying there to pick up her son from his mission. I think their trip was a surprise to her son. He has been serving as an AP, so he was there to pick up the new missionaries, and his own family walked off the plane! How fun is that! I would LOVE to pick up Adam with Mike in two years... 
Whew, all safe and sound in Paris, France. 

Here  is a quick video of these Elders walking off the plane.

Now I really hope Adam's mission Facebook page will post these new missionaries getting assigned their trainers in the next day or two, like they have done in the past. What a cool tradition! I feel a great love for Adam's mission president and his wife already. What an adventure he is walking into. Very exciting! 


Here they are the next day! 

Eating breakfast at the mission home. Pretty mission home!  

Five new elders and five new sisters...

Are being assigned to five trainer elders and sisters!  Adam's new trainer companion is Elder Amico. From a little Facebook looking, we think he is the missionary on the left. If our information is correct, he is from Switzerland, a native French speaker, and knows only a little English from learning it on his mission. 

Here is what another missionary's blog last spring said about Elder Amico: 

Transfer day is always crazy. Tons of missionaries and tons of suitcases. But I found Elder Amico. He is from Switzerland. He is in his 5th transfer. He speaks a little bit of English. He's learned it from being on his mission. So that pretty much means that we speak french all the time. I am honestly fine with speaking french all the time. It hasn't been too bad and it's been great practice. 

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