Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, August 1, 2016

Adam's Video and Letter - Aug 1, 2016

Hey Dad! Man thanks for your great email, loved it. Glad you survived
scout camp well and have fun on vacation! Sounds great you guys will
be gone for a while! Where are you going?

Guess what?! IM TRAINING!!! :D I'm going to get another blue! Whoohoo
I'm so excited!

Is there any small thing souvenir wise you,d like me to look for my
last while here? They have cool little shops in Paris I'm sure I could
find a little something.

Hope life is going good dad. Libby and I had a great last full week
together, we have several meal appointments between now and Wednesday
morning when I will take him to Paris so he pretty much made it! Haha
it's over for him.

Super excited to train again.

Thanks for your prayers for us and our amis! This week, we were not
able to see Stephane, which was a real bummer because we had it worked
out, he was coming to the soccer activity on Saturday and church and
everything, but he has not been answering our calls. His 18 to 20 year
old son suffered a pretty serious car accident this week and almost
died, which was pretty hard for him I think, he is in stable condition
now but please pray for him, he needs it I think, and his dad too. I
hope he will be all right and that this will bring Stephane and his
family closer not farther to the Lord.

You know other than that, we had a pretty good week. We saw many many
members, Elder Libby was very loved by them, he is a likeable guy. We
went to the Duvin family, had a good appointment with them, and the
Trouillets, both less active families, and also saw the Jolys,
Elizabeth, the Gaydus from Guadalupe, did service for the Bourgeois
and ate barbecue with them and their nice extended family, saw Frere
Hitoto and Frere Ikongo with the bishop, and Frer Hitoto came to
church (very sweet, older man); and saw the Malca family ! All of
those members who are active fed us :D frere hitoto gave us some
drinks and snacks too which was nice, always a plus right? Plus we
were able to go to a fun unofficial ward picnic/soccer activity, and I
had a lot of fun.

Love ya dad! Tell me about your week, have you had any good new
clients cone to you lately? How is the deacon's quorum? Boy you're
right, my mission age group is coming home.

I want to make these last three months exciting, I want to give him
discipline, hard work, and a good example, but I also want to be more
chill and let him learn for himself. Excited.

Ok well i love you guys, that's a little bit of my week! Chat me if
you want, love you and am excited for the changes ahead. I'm staying
in Compiegne as well, by the way.

Love you guys!!!

Have a good one!


Elder Adam Edwards

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