Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, August 22, 2016

Adam's letter - August 22, 2016. A new investigator and really good cheese!

Adam's new companion whom he is training - Elder Burgoyne. 

Hey family! 

Glad to write to you guys. Thanks for your great email
Dad. Hope you are doing well, Mom! Thanks for sending me all those
pictures and the voice recording and stuff. We had a great week this
week, sounds like you guys are all doing well, too. I'll see if I can
some up the week for you guys in a shorter way this time.

To give you some of the main events, we visited the Duvin family last
Tuesday night, that was fun as always; we also bought some Port Salut
cheese for our weekly cheese which Elder Burgoyne made our little
companionship tradition. Haha I like how I put that as a main event.
:) it was good okay? Haha. We were able to visit quite a few people,
including Francis, a less-active young adult member who is kind of
wanting to come back little by little, which is really nice, he is a
good kid. We had district meeting and learned about communication--if
you don't communicate nicely and when necessary, you'll eventually
blow up, that was the idea. We visited Chantal, we took a nice bus to
Beauvais, visited Bernard and Manuel, ami and less-active brother,
respectively, and had a fun ride back. We planned for this week, did
service for Frere Bourgeois and ate with him, Sister Bourgeois, and
Frere Bourgeois' dad. And we contacted some and met a new ami!!! His
name is Michel!!

Michel is a really cool Catholic guy of African origin, he has been
here in France and Compiegne for almost two years, and it was just so
cool to see how the Lord prepares people, you know? It was fun to see
his attitude change towards the Book of Mormon during our contact. At
first, when we mentioned it, he kind of gave it a wary glance, and
said, "You know, for me, the only thing is the Bible, that's the only
special word God gave us." But then we kindly explained to him that
the Book of Mormon wasn't there to replace the Bible, but simply there
to testify of Jesus Christ and work together with the Bible. We showed
him 2 Nephi 25:26, and he even accepted a copy. :) YAYY!!! Haha we
were happy. It was a really good experience. We were there talking for
a little while, somewhere between ten and twenty minutes, I'd say,
maybe a bit more. And it was right on a street not far from our
apartment. You never know when miracles will happen. And it teaches us
the importance of talking to all the people we can, everyone we know.
Had we let him pass by, we would have missed out on the first new
investigator we've met in probably over a month. Haha. So it's a
pretty big deal for us and our area. We are super happy.

We love you guys and hope you are doing well.

Thanks dad for telling me all about your week! I will respond a bit to
your questions in another email in just a second.

Enjoy your week guys! Love you!
Your son,
Elder Edwards

P.S. We had a good session of church and we bought some goat cheese
today--ohhh man so good :D chevre baby chevre


Hey Dad!

I'm doing well! Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Think about you too. 

Oh, don't be too surprised, we didn't really run it--we were just doing so many of the necessary activities, translating, playing piano, speaking, giving a lesson, I was just really worn out by the end haha. The bigger feat was, of course, Elder Burgoyne giving a talk. You know, he took five years of French in Junior HIgh and high school, but he didn't really speak a whole lot before, no. He just worked really hard on his own to prepare, he wanted to be independent on it, and he did a great job! It was a good full talk, too, it was impressive! His level of French is already skyrocketing, he's noticing, remembering, and learning words that I haven't even started working on until recently--and what's great is that I can actually give him answers and definitions to these words, I can really give him a good start, you know, whereas my comps, most of them couldn't. So that was fun to see him do that, yeah. He asks a lot of good questions. He gets all the glory on the talk, that was all him. 

Haha yeah, I mean I guess you don't have much choice but to wait, don't worry, i'll be back soon. :) I miss the temple too. Not too long ago I got a mass email from one of my friends serving, he said he only got to go to the temple every six months, I was like, "ONLY? You've got to be kidding me, I haven't been there in two years!!" Haha. So I guess it's all relative, we've gotta be grateful for what we have. Yeah I look forward to going back there myself. Been a while since I've done an endowment session. I feel like I've forgotten a lot of it, I just literally haven't had a chance to go. Glad you guys enjoyed baptisms though. :) that's fun. 

Wow, glad you made it through that first Wednesday! Holy cow, you must have gotten ready quickly!! :D haha I know that story, cramming in late the night before, and then sleeping in the day of. Sounds like it went all right in the end, so that's good. Thanks for providing for us, Dad! You're awesome. 

You know, speaking of providing for your family and stuff, sometimes me and Elder Burgoyne talk about that, either things we'd like to study or what we'd like to do for work. It's something I like to think about a lot. He actually wants to become a lawyer, so I told him you could answer any questions he might have, I hope that's all right! Figured you'd be happy to help him. He wants to do law school, be a lawyer, and go into politics eventually so he's got high sights. We have definitely had some good interesting conversations on politics and the presidential candidates and stuff. Very interesting stuff. He's a conservative too which is good. Haha can't say I'm happy with either choice right now as it stands but I will avoid delving too deeply into that subject. We also have some pretty good, interesting gospel and history conversations, too! You wouldn't believe the kind of cool stuff we find in gospel library or in the Bible dictionary haha. Anyways, thought that would be fun to mention. We think about that a lot. I want to develop my own way of political thinking, you know, not just following the crowd, so I may not be going for the same person as you and mom when I get home, but i'm sure I'll see about that when it's time. Who are you thinking for the moment, Dad? Haha it'll be elections pretty much as soon as I get there so I'll see. Might go for a third party honestly, I'll have to find out. 

Sure thing, I'll keep the Springer family in my prayers. By the way, when is Malia's baby due again? 

Okay, cool, thanks for contacting BYU-Idaho. 

Random note: never eat or wash a dragonfruit with your bare hands.... :D did that this week too haha

Oh yeah something else too--haha yesterday we had a combined Priesthood lesson with President Hunter's manual, and it was on the chapter about eternal marriage. Hahaha. You know, it may sound weird, but some of that stuff is really starting to fall on open ears now--I really understand how everybody says a mission opens you up for marriage and tells you it's the next step in life. 

Okay, love you guys, talk to ya soon! 

Mom, how was Kaiden Cloward's homecoming?

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