Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 - Adam's letter

Hey Mom and Dad! Happy 24th of July!

I'm so sorry this is so short today, wanted to let youi know that its been a good week. I'll try and send you the draft I had on my iPad for you Dad but the iPad died so I'll get that to you tomorrow. Not huge but love ya. 

I'm sorry that I don't have much time, but the week was good. I'm going to try and work hard this week, I don't think it's good to just think 50 percent is enough, I'll try and give 100. Also have been growing my testimony some and I wanted to let you and Mom know that I'm not out here bcause you want me to be, I'm here because I love the Lord and because I love what he gives me, it took me a while to decide that but yeah, I've been working on that. *

Working on my Bible skills, want to try and bash with people maybe a bit this week. 

God bless you all! Have a great week, okay? Sorry I didn't write more. I loved your emails very much. Please know I love you. Serge and Covalie are pretty much dropped, they won't come to church. Terrence we'll see tomorrow. Other than that; we had a sweet RM return rom the London mission and he's SO COOL!!! we had lunch with him today and he's super sweet; Legit guy. english accent!! haha. anyway love ya, talk to ya later. God bless. love you tons. 

Mom and Dad, this is the email that i was going to send to you last
week but couldnt because the ipad died. Still here! God bless, thanks
for chatting me, love ya! By the way I have an ipAd mini.

Hey Dad! Happy to talk toy ou doay, thanks so mich for the email!

Yeah, things are going well here in Nantes. This is a really
coolville, one of the most envied in the mission, and in the last four
months, they've cut it down from eight missionaries three or four
months ago to now just four !! So we are now just in a two man
apartment, different but good. I have a lot of things i can learn from
Elder McBride, he's a good guy, always looking for something to do
that,s missionary work related. Fun stuff.

I've been learning some about how to pray short prayers, Im usually
terrible at that but Elder McBride is helping me get better so I can
sleep longer and so we can talk and stuff.

Just really quick before I forget, would you mind ordering three pairs
of garment bottoms for me? I've had to get rid of a few pairs due to
ink stains and stuff like that. Thanks Dad

Thanks for all the good advice, I don't think you reliaze how much I
treasure those little words of encouragement, it's so precious.

Well this week was good, we had ZERO investigators show up for Church
which was weird. no recent converts or less actives for the
investigator class or anything!! Haha anyway it's all right life
happens, we're excited to start a new week and stuff. We have a lot of
people to teach, thanks to the hard work of the other equipe as well
as some investigators a d less actives to work with from me and Elder
young's old equipe. But we have lots of Africans to teach!! It's
really good, i'm trying to get better at Bible knowledge so I can
Bible bash and stuff or at least argue decently well. Anyway good

Is there any advice you have for me in particular Dad?  How is your
spirit doing? I love ya, hope I don"t leave you
and Mom out in the blue too much there. I realiZe tou jind of get what
it,s like, but Mom, not so much, she has ,t done it heraelf. I'll try
ad keep you more in the loop. Love you dad! Man life is always a
struggle but grteful to feel like the mission is more my choice now.
I'm here because I want to be here and serve the Lord, I want you and
Mom to know that im not here because you want me to be here. Anyway
love you tons, thanks so much for your love, see you later! At this
tiMe we have two baptismal dates set. Serge and Covalie are more or
less dropped, they simply won't come to church, so it's hard" but God
bless you, talk to you later!

Love, lots of love for you, dad,

Your dear and faithful son
elder Edwards

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