Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, July 13, 2015

Adam's letter July 13, 2015

HELLO FAMILY!!!! Oh you guys are awesome!!

Thank you so much for the packages!! I was so glad to get them! They actually came the same week, if you can believe it! And I didn't even know that that "To from us" one was coming, so that was a real treat and surprise! Yes, and I received the other one, too, thank you so much for those supplements and the little mints and the little hand-outs, I love those so much. Every little note or card or treat means so much, thank you forever!!

Just to answer your question on emails really quick, Mom, yes, so we do have the ability to read e-mails in down-time such as meals and stuff throughout the week, because it's like a normal letter in that way, they wouldn't ask us to wait until P-Day, but they do ask us to wait until P-Day to respond, so that's the only day I can respond. So yeah, if you want to send a couple during the week of emails or just little "hi"s or cool quotes during the week, I think that'd be fine, I'd just ask you to please help me not be distracted. I hope that makes sense. I'm trying to give myself to this work and it's helping, lots. But yes, if you want to send one or two little emails during the week that you want me to read, I think that's okay. But just know, I don't have wifi in the apartment.But yeah, there you go! Love you guys tons.

Cool! I'm so glad that Nate Bezzant is going out on his mission! I think he'll have a great, fun time. God bless him in his work and what he does! The mission has lots of hard times but lots of good ones, too. He'll be blessed as he gives the Lord his whole heart in all that he's doing.

Thanks for all those cool pictures! That was really fun to see your fun experience at Bear Lake, I'm glad that Elizabeth and little Seaver are doing all right. I hope they've recovered okay. I really liked seeing all the happy little kiddos and I really liked seeing you guys too. I loved seeing Grandma B smiling and just so happy with her sweet happy face at all the kids and just having so much joy over them. It reminded me of the beauty that comes to people like her when they've peaceably lived peaceful, happy, worthy, joyful lives of service. It brings things that nothing else really can! The gospel is great. I loved seeing you, Grandma! I love pictures of the rest of my grandparents and extended family, too!

What cute pictures with petite Brielle and little Ziester, too! I'm so glad you were all able to go and see little Brielle get her baby blessing, wish I could have been there, but it's okay, I'll be back before we know it. So cute. I show Elder Young a picture of at least one of my nieces pretty much every time. :D every P-Day. It's precious, yeah. Love my family. I'm glad that you all were able to feel so much love and have cool bonding experiences up there. Bet it was fun!

In regards with the iPad, yeah, I guess it does feel kind of different. We had to take some time Saturday to do some iPad training at the Church. That feels kind of weird, to be in the Church just to do stuff like that, but also it was a good reminder that I can really spend time better sometimes--sometimes, I like staying at the church, even after church is over, to talk and hang out and stuff, and that's not necessarily a good thing. So it's been a reminder to me not to let little things, such as staying after a lesson at the church, to download a few videos, which is a good thing, turn too long, or turn into bad things, like wasting tons of time. But I'm grateful for it. I'm trying not to let it change the function of the misison much, it really shouldn't change much how we do work, but really just the power of our teaching and the availability of church publications and videos. It also makes it easier to have scriptures and stuff, and we can bring in the Spirit very powerfully to people who will listen. We've tried once or twice to use it on the street talking to people, one guy just kind of shrugged it off, he didn't listen to the Spirit though, purposefully was putting a wall up, and other times, I think it's been better.

The other elders in the apartment, Elder Carson (who is super funny and fun to be around, likes to sing random stuff and we have little random sing-offs at the apartment), and Elder McBride (who played hockey, is from Canada, a,d is also a pretty fun guy) have used it in contacting on the tram and on the street and have found great success with it. To be honest, we could probably put more effort in there, just need to use it more. But yeah, it has changed our lessons a bit, we often try and put a video in now, I'd say even usually. Oh yeah, and we call Elder Young "petit" because that's his nickname, it was given to him by an older missionary when he was a bleu, so yeah, it's just kind of stuck. He doesn't mind it, so it's okay. The other missionaries have kind of given me the nickname of "Eddy." Haha that reminds me of Dad's nickname, too, Eddy Stresser. :D good nicknames, right Dad? 

I love you a lot, I need to go now. Thank you so much for all that you do and you're doing! God bless you!!! Have a great July 14 --FĂȘte Nationale in France!! Haha just kidding. That's tomorrow, it'll be fun. We also need to avoid the partiers, but yeah. Hey plus, Terrence is getting baptized Saturday! So that'll be cool. He was here before I was, so it's been fun to teach him an dhelp him for while. God bless you all, my dear famiyl! Till next week! It's always dear to communicate with you. yeah, Mom, you could send me another flash drive, or even just send me music over emial, that works too; if the music could be on MP3 format, that'd be great! Or even if you could just send me a file that converts them, that'd be awesome. Yeah, we had good meetings, district meetings are super fun, we have tie theme colors, this week will be pink, and so yeah, I hope you all have a great day, we'll talk to you later! God bless. See you next time!
Love, love, love, lots of love,

your son and brother, beloved family,

forever yours,

Elder Adam Grant Edwards

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