Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dec 29, 2014 - Adam's post-Christmas Email - maybe two baptisms soon

Hi Mom!!!

Holy cow, I loved being able to Skype with you too! Wasn't that so great? Such a great opportunity. I told a couple members it was the best day of my life. I met a really nice member, Brother Wery, yesterday, and he asked, "Are you sad that you'll miss a call at the end of your mission in two years?" And I was like, "NO!" Haha I am really glad I got to Skype in these first three months here. 

Mom, I love you sooo much!! Wow thanks for being so kind and letting me talk a lot on the call. Sorry, I could tell there were lots of other things you wanted to say. It really was so good to see everyone. I just missed you all SOO bad when I saw you all at home and I wasn't there! Haha. It's okay though, like you said, the Lord is helping us get through it. For that I am very grateful. 

This week, we had a few lessons with members and less-actives, and we also had maybe a couple lessons with investigators. Normally we have more, it's just kind of hard on Christmas week. But we also took a walk in the woods of Belgium, and it made me think of the muddy roads and things that soldiers had to traverse in WWII, made me think Dad would be interested in that! But it was so pretty. It's weird, because here, at least before it snowed a couple days ago, everything was still green! The grass wasn't even yellow! I think it's because it's so wet, rainy, and probably generally not as cold as Utah, not quite. It was very pretty! I'll send some pictures. Also, this week, we are hoping to have Thibault commit to a baptism date, and his mom, who has been coming to church activities very faithfully this week, apparently is going to talk to the bishop about being baptized, too! How cool is that? So we're hoping to have two baptisms next month, which is really good for Europe. We're really really blessed by the Lord. 

As far as a little gift for Frere Cockx [the ward mission leader who had Adam over for Christmas dinner and Skyping] I think he would be grateful for anything, even just a card. By the way, I used two of your cards already! You could send him a little bit of American candy, if you want! He'd probably think that was kind of fun. He said thanks for raising me. 

And hey, yes, mail me that post! Yeah I can't go on blogger or non Church-approved sites, so I would loooove that! (About the most _____ scripture studies). I loved that Elder Scott quote, too, thanks Mom! You're really good at supporting me out here. Just please don't forget about me, okay? I really really love your emails and stuff. So I'm putting you and Dad first today! Haha there it is, please don't forget me! 

And wow Mom, that awesome opportunity to speak at BYU! Isn't that cool? I'll have to brag about that to Elder Wells and Elder Harris. My mom is so cool. Hey and you can tell me all about it when we get to call again on Mother's Day! I really hope the Lord helps you with the preparation for all that! Will you let me know how all that is going?

Thanks for reminding me to be grateful. Thanks for reminding me that I have great strengths, too! I really appreciate that, Mom! You know what, I bet you can get gifts of languages and music in the next life! it's probably lots easier there too with a perfect body and stuff, I imagine. In fact I'd be happy to teach you some there if the Lord permits! That would be awesome. Haha I've read a lot about eternal families lately because suddenly now that I'm away from you all, that eternal truth is much more important to me! I believe that it is true!

Loved the email, don't apologize, I love the long ones! Haha every time you want to do it! 

Also, I did think of something I would really like to have from home. Mom, would you send me one of those little angels from your room, the little 8" ones, so I can look at it and remember that I have my angel mom back at home, that I'm being loved and supported? And I would just thank you and Dad so much for all the gifts and food and treats you sent me, they are soooo good!! I love them. I love those ties. If it's not too much to ask, would you ask Dad for me, so I don't forget, to send me the little picture of us walking toward the pool in South Carolina, or maybe one of his favorite quotes or stories from his mission? I believe that picture should still be in my room above my mirror. 

I love you all sooooo much! I will work on being grateful! 

Have a wonderful and truly amawing week! 


Elder Edwards

Hey Dad!! 

Holy cow, I love you soo much!! Thanks soooooo much for the awesome Skype call on Christmas, it was really so great! For some reason it was especially good I think to talk to you and Mom. It was so good to see your face and hear your voice. Maybe it's because I miss being able to hear your voice and ask you for advice and things. But it's okay. Sorry I'm so sentimental. :) I just love you a lot! 

Wow, that sounds like a good sacrament meeting and church in general!  And that's so cool that you're still studying in preach my gospel, I really enjoy the concentrated truth, too. It's interesting, some missionaries don't really take it all that seriously, or they think it's just for the United States, but I still really love it. 

Dad, I'm so glad you've been able to have that great family time. I really am.  You really have been great Dad! I really enjoy looking back on those times together in the Priest's Quorum, too. We did some good service together, didn't we? :D It doesn't really seem all that long ago when I was enjoying it right there with you! But I learned today in study that it's not healthy to look back on the past and want to live in it when that just can't be done. So I'm going to try and stay busy doing good things, like you do, and helping other people, like you do and like the Savior does perfectly. I think that will help the time go faster and also make my mission enjoyable! I miss those family parties, and those sledding family trips, but you know, I guess it's just a testimony that we should love the things life brings every moment, because in a few months or a few years, things will be a little different, and we'll miss it! But also, we don't need to be sad. Boy did we make some great memories over the years, Dad! Like all those great talks we had, things like that. Also for all the awesome advice you gave me, all those camping trips, when we went shooting, everything I learned from you, when we read together. It's funny, when life changes in a big way, you look back on the things that seemed mundane and unimportant like FHE, but then you realize that was really the core, the most i,portant things you were doing! 

Thank you soooo much for the Christmas presents, I loved them! I love you soo much Dad! May the Lord bless your work and your week and you for all the good things you do! 


elder Edwards
your good and faithful son!

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