Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, January 19, 2015

Adam's email - January 19, 2015. An investigator asked Adam to baptize her...exciting!

Elder Adam Edwards with his first companion Elder Amico, a native French speaker from Switzerland. This is the day Adam arrived in Paris and got his first companion assignment in mid-December, 2014. 

(Note from Becky: I was too tired to write to Adam last night so I just got a short response this time.) 

Merci Momma!

Plus you and the family can expect a small little surprise coming in the mail!!!! ....Love you so much! thank you so much for being such a great mom! I loved that picture with you and Zia and hearing about how musical she's becoming! She's really really your granddaughter, your little petite fille! Love you Mom. The Lord will watch out for you, I'm praying for you. Don't worry about me, we're okay here in Charleroi, don't be afraid of the news and stuff. It's all right. :) Love you and have a great week. 


Dad!!! I love you!

It is great to hear from my old man! I really hope that your Sunday was good! Wow thank you sooooo much for writing to me even though it was really late! Whew I did the math there and it must have been pretty late when you were writing this, so thank you!

I'm glad that things have been going well with work. It sounds like you've been really busy with work and with family and finishing up as a bishop! I've been praying for you that you can finish up well with being a bishop. In fact I thought it would be yesterday when you would be released, and I didn't really think about it until it would have been past time, so I'm glad you still have a week. Although I understand if you are a little antsy to go. I imagine it's a lot of mixed feelings. I really appreciate what you said about I don't need to be perfect, and thanks for telling me that it took you a little while to get warmed up and really fully invested. Thanks, Dad. 

You know, I've been learning lots of things lately. Or maybe not a great number of things but big important things. It's been impressed upon me lately that, as much as we love our houses or places where we live, eventually, people leave, we move to another home, things change and the Lord calls us another way. Boy, it was fun to serve in Syracuse for a long time but it's good to be transferred here for just a couple years. Haha I can live with the concept of two years now. Anyway, the Spirit has been teaching me that I can't be sure where God will want me to live next transfer (which is coming up--the first week of February), or after my mission is over, or after I'm done with college. So really, the consistency in life shouldn't come from the house or the place itself. It should come from me. It should come from the family and the gospel. That way, I can talk and smile and laugh with the members and the investigators and the people even when I'm in a different place with a different language. That way, people can remember me with a smile in a couple years when they remember Elder Edwards who served in their ward or branch for a while. That way, it's not so hard :) when the Lord has us transfer. 

Yay for the family party! Thanks for serving the Lord so faithfully in the Church. I watched "Legacy" this week and it made me think of how you and Mom were always so dedicated to us and to the Lord and the family, so I want to be that kind of parent, too. Thanks so much for your example, Dad. Seriously. Out of the four guys in our apartment, I'm the only one whose dad went on a mission too, so I really am glad to have that example. Personally, for me, it's a miracle that I'm out here, and I've felt the joy I think you and Mom and everyone at home feel and the people on the other side of the veil who have prepared me, too, just the fact that I'm here and wearing the badge, haha. So I have no idea how I ever would have had the courage without you to lead the way. Thanks, Dad. :) I love you more deeply than I can say. 

That's funny that you could hear my voice when you were praying with the family last night! I actually had a dream that I was talking to Mom at home and I was eating pizza and she said Malia was going to come over and it was funny. Haha so I totally know what you mean! But life goes on even though we aren't right next to each other. Like you said, we can be close through the Spirit and that's enough! I love you so much Dad. Today we went shopping and I had a really really great Belgian waffle. The word for it is "gaufre," or we say it "go-fruh." MAN it was good. But I didn't buy too much because I know you're sacrificing for me back there. Thank you so much. Please know I love you all so much. 

Also, we got another baptismal date with one of our investigators! And she asked me if I would baptize her! Haha she said she figured that I was the youngest and probably hadn't baptized anybody yet so she asked me. I thought that was really nice and of course said yes! So that will be really cool. The date is February 14 but it will probably be a while after that that she's actually ready. But it's still really exciting. 

Love you so much, Dad, Mom, and family! Have a great day all! We got to go to Brussels for the third or fourth time today and it's really cool! Very narrow streets, lots of stores, and lots of really cool buildings! Okay I got to go now but God bless you all!

Love love love

Elder Edwards
son and brother :)

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