Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week's Update -- Love you Mom -- Mothers day call -- off to Compiegne. Played a Cathedral organ!

Woohoo! Adam's dream has been to play organ in some of the beautiful, old, French cathedrals. As far as I know this is the first time he has been able to play one! Yay!!


Hey Mom and Dad! Love you my family!

Man well yesterday I got a real big treat, got to call you, my DEAR
BELOVED MOTHER AND FATHER (we'll just say it's for Father's Day too :)
) and that was awesome! Love you tons. Also wishing a Happy Mother's
Day to my awesome grandmas and to Malia! Whoohoo! You moms are
awesome, world wouldn't be the same without you. We got to talk story
for a while, it was super chill. Love you guys. Dang Hyrum and Gabe
are going to beat me up and Grace is getting so big!! AIght cool I'll
fill you guys in a bit on my week.

Anyways, last Monday we had the awesome chance to visit the Ganga
family (man the weeks just roll by the rhythm is so crazy fast). We
had a great time. Ate some Mormon kosher tiramisu. :D It was more
strawberry vanilla than anything else. DANG THOUGH non coffee /
alcoholic Tiramisu WHOO so good. I love it. We sang, ate, etc. Good

We visited many other people this week, most for my last time, like
Bernadette, the Majokko family (the people from Guyanne), Denise the
Ivory Coast investigator (she was at church again btw), Jean Francois
a less active, Laeticia, Elisabeth and Jeannot, Frere Verrier, got to
see Jamaal one last time, still get to say goodbye to Julia tomorrow
and hopefully Diana and her family too. Man so it's cool, I really
feel like I've done a lot of good here. It's cool to feel like I've
helped the Lord change a lot of lives and bring light and happiness to
people here. Love it. Love the Lord. He's awesome. You should all be
friends with Him. He's a great guy. For reals.

That's kind of my week in a nutshell, but I'll talk about a few of the
major experiences in a bit more detail.

We had a good zone council (replacement of a full zone conference),
and that was really good. We did the haka for everybody in our zone.
:D hahaha everyone thought that was cool. Actually the goal of the
zone council was so that everyone could present their member work,
their ward's missionary finding day, and their ward party (all of
which were supposed to happen this transfer), and talk themselves up
so we could all profit and have fun together. Naturally, we won the
most colorful presentation. We even threw a couple swear words in
there just so we could win colorful presentation in two senses. Nah
just kidding. Haha. BUT it was a lot of fun. Had to leave early but
since I have been in the same stake and zone for four transfers (and
two areas in that time), I kind of know everybody pretty well, with a
few exceptions. Haha that isn't going to change either which is ok I

Denise went really well. We taught her with Sister Traore and that was
super cool. We then went over to the Traore's house to eat just
because they were nice and we still had a couple hours before our
train back from Romilly to Troyes. So we ate some good tuna salad with
them (yes I actually like tuna in certain controlled subst--
circumstances now :D) and that was really chill. We really talked and
thought for a while, me and Frere Traore, about a branch and
companionship of missionaries right there in Romilly. I called
President to pass the idea on to him. He said he'd suggest it to the
stake president. I also talked to the bishop, and he said that he'd
talk to his counselors about it ( he woudl have to suggest it to the
stake president). So hopefully that works. Traores do boss missionary
work they're studs. He pretty much contacted som eguy he didn't know
to try and get me to talk to him and I was like ... Oh.. What? Haha
hey it's ok solid passback. That was cool.

Had a big lesson with Laeticia again on repentance and stuff. Whew. We
were pretty straight up and she basically refused to change straight
up so it was sad. She was very nice and stuff, but it's sad to see
people not obey commandments. You see the sorrow, the pain, all that
it causes in the world and people around you, and you can't help but
feel sorrow for them because you know--the path they're going down, it
can bring nothing but pain. Nothing else. Nothing good can come of it.
It's a law. It has been decreed that way. Any sin in which you
indulge, it becomes that much harder to turn away from it next time
because you know what it feels like. You know how tempting it is. So
it is very important, all of you, to not give in to any sin, big or
small. There is no good down that path. It can only bring pain. You
will always pay for it dearly in the end, as far as big sins go. So
just stay clean and happy aight? #thingsyoulearninfranceandonmission
Do what's right. That's all. Easier way. We're not really sure about
Laeticia whether she's worth teaching more missionary lessons right
now because her progress is sort of screetching to a halt. Really sad.
It was like there was nothing else to be said. But it's ok. Lord will
provide. They might drop her or just go to teach spiritual thougths,

Baptism for Thyann was cancelled because his mom didn't feel like it
was super well prepared, the program and everything. That was kind of
stupid but whatever. I understnad. Haha we just got the news the day
or two before, and it was a pretty terrrible day because of a lot of
stuff, and then she asked us to let everyone know. We were like, "Are
you serious?" But whatevs, we did so and it worked out well. Still got
a good visit with their family and it was fun. Saw Jeannot for the
first time in forever.

We made some freakin BOMB.COM cookies. Holy cow. PIcture this...

Peanut butter.


In the middle of the cookies.

Not together, just like alone. Like peanut butter in its own cookie,
oreo in its own cookie. Yeah in the middle.

But yes. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. That is copyrighted by the
way, all rights reserved. :D Nah jk. Ohhh yeah.

#Membersandamislovedit WHAT

I take pride in my cookies. People think I can do them well. Well I
proved them wrong. So bad. Nah I'm kidding. They were good though.
Please send any orders to MissionaryCookieMall@bomb.com.orgnet.fr and
it's like $220 a cookie so like be prepared to fork out the dough. We
had the president of France just order a couple so I mean this is
pretty high quality/snob stuff. All funds will be forwarded to the
missionary cookie fund, a (non?) profit organization.

So. Yeah. Finished up the week with the Kende's a sick member family,
they're both young RMS, like 20s and both served missions in England
and they're super cool. Great people. We speak English with them
because they like to keep their English up. They do a pretty good job,
too, frankly! Props to them. There I CALLED MY FAMILY FOR MOTHERS DAY
WHOOO that makes my LAST call home as a missionary. So yeah, pretty
crazy huh? Dang. Loved it. We takled about so much stuff. Got to see
my cute little girly nieces and MAN I get niece trunky now adays.
They're like one of the fastest ways to make me trunky by looking at
pictures of them. Sooo adorable. Anyways yeah that's my week.

SHOOTS! Alrighty fam fam we're about to go PLAY AN ORGAN here at the
Cathedral of the Madeleine in Troyes so we'll see how that goes. Wish
me luck/fun! Oh yeah we're gonna kill it. Later today we will b doing
emails and then chilling with the Rochette family for Pday! chill
chill. They're going to have us over for a barbecue so that'll be
super fun.

Ok you all have a good day. Email or write me. I <3 letters and emails

Anyways. Shout out to all my friends/ people getting mission calls,
you guys all do great work ok? Represent Syracuse and Utah WHOO we're
better than all them anyway.

Ok love you guys. Have a good week. Christ's love is a great thing.
When we feel it ourselves, and the love our family and others have for
us, it is easier to transfer that love to others. I invite you all to
get a Priesthood blessing and seek the Lord's will for you in your
life. He's there, He loves you. Do what you've gotta do to repent, be
clean, and be one with the Lord again. He waits with open arms to
receive you.

Love you family! Have a good week friends and stalkers reading my blog!

Stay chill. Peace out.


Elder Adam Edwards


Thanks Dad! You'rr the best,you are the bomb.com you and Mom. Love you
and hope you're getting some good rest. Guess what? I played my first
French pipe organ today man it was such a high and a thrill!! Check
it out.

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