Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hello Mom and Dad! Weekly Update - September 21, 2015

Me and Elder Peterson, my ex-zone leader, he is now in his last transfer of his mission. Taken in Angers, the ville where he was serving. 

Me and my good buddy Elder Lau. Cool dude. 


The Catholic chapel (not technically a cathedral, not big enough O.O ) right next to our house! Literally a 3 to 4 minute walk away, we walk not too far from it every day going to and from the tram. 
(This is Adam receiving his 19th birthday package. Love the excited smile!) 

Elder Baldwin! Our last goodbye on last Transfer Day.

Hello Mom and Dad! God bless you! I hope you're doing ok. 

Thank you so much for all your love! I feel it, really do. It was good to hear about your lives and I enjoy hearing about the family party and efforts made on the family side. You're a great parent, Mom. God bless. 

I only have a couple minutes, so I'm going to be fast. Just five quick points to sum up the week: 
  1. Training with Elder Walton -- this is going well, we're working on becoming good friends this week! We've felt that I could have more respect for my bro, so I will be working on that, just respecting his time and his stuff and the way he does things. Always a great thing to do. We'll be working on our comp relationship and just having a great time! Elder Walton is such a great listener and responder to needs of investigators!! (makes it sound bad, we just want to let go of unnecessary politeness and coldness and be buds)
  2. Testimony and conversion -- have been learning lots about this. God bless you guys. It is hard sometimes but I'm trying to believe and be firm and be true to what God has given me. I bear testimony to my dying day that this gospel is true, sometimes I feel I should do a better job of living it, but working on it. Am reading BoM 6 pages a day and 3 New Testament. Working toward conversion. Conversion all the way. 
  3. Got to see the castle. Cool stuff! Haha you can look at all the pictures. 
  4. Will prepare to hear the words of our living prophets. I need to anchor myself fully to God and Jesus Christ by anchoring myself to the prophet, the apostles, their teachings, the scriptures, and my covenants I've made at baptism, and in the temple. Will be working, once again, on conversion. 
  5. We'll be seeing lots of people this week. 
Investigators: saw Ben and Gaël this week. Also Koffi. Djenice and his dad and brothers came to church!!!! YEESS. So good. Cool stuff. We now need to go. We'll be running by lots of peoples' houses this week, whether old amis or less actives, that type of thing. 

God bless you all, see you later, keep growing, read the Book of Mormon, I testify that as we grow and try to see the Lord's love in our lives every day, He helps us and our testimony of this restored gospel grows. We need to be anchored like anchors in the rock that rock climbers use. If we are anchored by our covenants and day-to-day actions and repentance, following the prophet, we will be ok. That is my testimony. I love you all so much. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I love this mission. I am here for Jesus Christ, for no one and for nothing else. God bless and I love you. I will do my best and work hard, exercise and giving energy. Great week to you all! See ya! Love you bye! 

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