Elder Edwards

Elder Edwards

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 -- Two more baptisms -- Woo hoo!

I love you so much my family! I'm sorry, this is going to be short, but I will give you as much as I can.  Mom, I know you've been really busy, and you too Dad, but thanks for taking the time to send me emails none the less! I love you tons. 

Yesterday, we had TWO BAPTISMS! It was super. It was Thibeault and Laïsse. Laisse is only eight years old, but she and her dad asked me last minute to baptize her, and for me, she counts even if she doesn't count as a convert! She was so white and pure, it was really a sight to see. I'm sorry, I don't have the pictures, because I forgot my camera, but I will next week. 

We continue to work with Michel and his family. We now have two recently-baptized people there in the family (the dad Michel and the daughter Laisse). Our goal is to get the mom there too. 

We have been doing more contacting and porting since I've been with Elder Baldwin. I think it is good, it is helping me do whatever the Lord asks me to do. 

I really appreciated all the emails this week, thanks so much everyone! 

I wish a happy birthday to Hyrum, Gabe, Austin, and when it happens, Brielle! I'm sending you guys a letter, too. :D

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

We're going to be doing a lot of contacting this week, probably, and continuing to improve at talking with people and boldness with people who could potentially take the lessons. What a great thing it is to be part of this work. Thanks a bunch for all the good examples and people cheering for me back home. Sorry for the people I didn't get to! 

Please don't worry about the package, it'll be great when you have the time! 

Loooooooovee you! 


Elder Edwards

PS transfers--Elder Harris will train, but me and Elder Badlwin will stay together. Elder Wells is going home. 

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